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The Successful School Life of Hyacinth Lavande 1

The Successful School Life of Hyacinth Lavande 1 published on 4 Comments on The Successful School Life of Hyacinth Lavande 1

“Electropunk” is a subgenre of speculative fiction taking place in an alternate history where modern magitech never developed, so people use exotic devices powered by electricity instead. It’s also a fashion aesthetic involving a lot of wires and blinking lights.

Angelica: It’s so rude when people expect all the goth kids to sit together at lunch.

Obviously we wouldn’t sit with Hazel. She’s such a snob. She’s never even talked to us.

Vine: . . . We’ve never talked to her either.

Angelica: Right! Because she’s a snob!

Hyacinth: . . .

Hi . . . Hazel, right? I’m Hyacinth. What are you working on?

Hazel: . . . A story.

Hyacinth: What’s it about?

Hazel: It’s an electropunk story about a secret agent whose partner was kidnapped and is getting tortured. The bad guys have a device that mimics the electric pulses of the nervous system to turn your own body against you. So when she finds him, he’s in shock from the pain, and has fractured bones from his muscles contracting uncontrollably.

Hyacinth: I have been MISSING OUT.

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Is Hazel a parallel to you, Erin? Those glasses/glasses necklace look awfully familiar…

I imagine it is, as that sounds like a set-up for a hurt/comfort fic that has LOTS of room for continuing Comfort, (Physiotherapy, Psych evaluations, an Act 2 screaming match when Agent Got-Tortured can’t stand to See Agent Rescuer go back into the field alone, trying to catch the Bad Men.) which feels very ‘Erin’ to me.

All the characters have bits and pieces in common with me, and in Hazel’s case those bits are “spends lunch break writing” and “would lose her glasses if they didn’t have a chain.” That said, I don’t have her fauxhawk, black-on-black fashion sense, affinity for steampunk, or some of the other traits that will show up in future strips.

Plus her hurt/comfort fic goes a lot more explicit with the violence than mine does. (Hyacinth gets my appreciation for a good darkfic more gruesome than she could manage to write herself.)

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