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The Successful School Life of Hyacinth Lavande #5

The Successful School Life of Hyacinth Lavande #5 published on 5 Comments on The Successful School Life of Hyacinth Lavande #5

I should really come up with a better name for this story arc…most of it hasn’t even taken place at school by this point.

#36465D/circuit-broken: can we switch to voice chat? having a bad hand day.

#36465D/goth-girls-are-gorgeous: sure!!

> Connecting . . .

Hyacinth: Ohmystars, Hazel, you have to see this Holger Saga edit. It’s of Viggo, and the lyrics are perfect. I’m reblogging it right now.

Hazel: Oh, that’s great! Those are Evärdlig lyrics — they make the best death metal, it’s gorgeous.

Hyacinth: I know, right?

Which of their songs is your favorite?

Hazel (thinking): I play “Night-Ghast Love Poem” a lot, but that’s because it’s a perfect theme for my favorite character.

“Gave You My Heart” sounds beautiful, but when you translate the lyrics they come out really iffy about vampires, and I don’t like that part.

I really like “Avalanche” . . . which is musically almost the same as “Hidden Crow,” so I can’t say I like it that much better . . .

Wait, did Hyacinth want a serious answer? Or was I supposed to say something meaningless to keep the conversation going?

It’s definitely bad that I haven’t said anything yet . . . She probably thinks I’m ignoring her, or she moved on to something else, or . . .

Larch: Honey? Dinner’s almost ready.

Hyacinth: Oh, come on, Dad!

Can’t you hear that I’m in the middle of a conversation??

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IMHO the correct answer is “Hard to say, ” … then say everything you though about. It’s not like you are REQUIRED to have them sorted, is it?

Definitely need to follow up with all the songs that you thought about. If you don’t that kind of answer can be interpreted later as a way to sidestep the question because you really don’t like the band all that much. 🙂 (At least that’s how I’ve heard it used in conversation.)

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