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The Successful School Life of Hyacinth Lavande 6

The Successful School Life of Hyacinth Lavande 6 published on 7 Comments on The Successful School Life of Hyacinth Lavande 6

This strip is somewhat out-of-continuity — it’s from the end of the school year, and Summerfest/Leachtric/etc take place during summer vacation. I thought about pushing it back even farther and having it happen during the next school year…but now I have summer content planned for the goth kids, so you’re getting this first.

Hyacinth: Okay, done! See you in AP Ceannic History!

Hazel: Yeah.

Angelica: She doesn’t thank you, she won’t even look you in the eye . . .

Hyacinth: I’m not doing Hazel’s makeup to make her grovel for me! And it’s not a personal insult when someone doesn’t like eye contact.

Hazel (thinking): I don’t know if it’s really “me” . . . but it looks nice . . . and Hyacinth’s hands are . . .

. . . Itch.

Angelica: Tell me you’re not rubbing your eyes.

Hazel (thinking): Well, obviously / Is Angelica playing dumb? Am I supposed to play along? Maybe it’ll help if I smile / like we’re friends? / to show no hard feelings? / better make eye contact / she likes eye contact

Hazel: I’m . . . rubbing my eyes?

Angelica: Aaaaaugh!


Vine: You’re not supposed to do that when you have makeup on.

Hazel: Well, I know that now!

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You are not reading this wrong. Angelica is being possessive of Hyacinth.

I like the interplay of vigilance/attentiveness here. Angelica makes a big deal of Hazel not looking Hyacinth in the eye, looking for things to be annoyed about. Hazel noticed that Angelica values being looked in the eye, and Makes An Effort To Please The Existing Social Group.

Asking as someone who has never worn makeup in their life, why shouldn’t you rub your eyes when wearing makeup?

It can smear and/or get in your eye, which makes it sting. But, especially when new to eye makeup, cuz it feels different on the lid/lashes (like a blanket or extra layer of skin), that sensation can take a bit to get used to, and result in desire-to-itch.

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