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The Unlikely Friendship of Rowan Muscade #4

The Unlikely Friendship of Rowan Muscade #4 published on 4 Comments on The Unlikely Friendship of Rowan Muscade #4

Archie: So . . . ? Let me see the wings!

Rowan: Ta-da!

Archie: Wow, they look great!

Rowan: I’m so psyched to get back to work. Lots of cool stuff has happened, and I only hear about any of it secondhand, thanks to Violet.

Although I’m going to miss having the excuse to talk to you every day . . .

Archie: You too, huh?

I sort of wish I could hire you, as, say, a script consultant . . . but it would be a huge conflict of interest.

Rowan: Does that mean I’m not allowed to help with your bottle-episode problem?

Archie: No, but don’t worry. I’ll think of something.

I’ve got it! One of the protagonists will get sick, and we’ll shoot the whole episode in their home as they watch a case unfold from the sidelines!

Rowan: . . . Somehow, I feel like I should still get compensated for that one.

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