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This Storyline Is Canceled 1/26

This Storyline Is Canceled 1/26 published on 14 Comments on This Storyline Is Canceled 1/26

Most of the Embassy characters have spent literally a year or more off-panel…so let’s take an arc to re-establish what their deals are.

Along with some of my trademark “this thing happened 6 months ago and I’m just now getting around to it, although, depressingly, it hasn’t stopped happening since” social commentary.

Meanwhile: The Volume 3 Kickstarter is funded! Which means less than $250 until our first stretch goal — Make The Book Longer.

Sønheim Embassy in Ceannis – Present Day*

Ragnild: Nnnrrrgh!


*Autumn of SE 1373 on the Sønheim calendar**

Ragnild: I read a whole page of the science textbook, Iona! Can’t we do something else now?

Iona: In a minute . . .

**or RE 3013 on the Ceannic calendar***

Iona: Astrid Rødlund just dropped a 3,000-word blog post on biology.

Ragnild: Ooh! Let me see.

***but who’s counting

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Oh no. Is she gonna be like her nonfictional counterpart in more ways than previously established. Is this storyline going to need transphobia warnings?

Fingers crossed for it to be just a long screed about some neat Biology discovery.

(( I don’t think this arc will require such a warning as our esteemed author Erin frontloads those so people can brace themselves or skip the arc if it’s more than they can handle.))

Interesting. I wasn’t reading Rødlund as the fictional counterpart of a particular author. But looking at the surname, I can’t argue against it.

Too bad, in a way. Seeing Rødlund as her own person feels like she’s richer as a character in my mental interaction with the story.

Perhaps something like how people who saw Arthur Miller’s _The Crucible_ performed on stage the first time, in the McCarthy era, probably mostly interacted with the art as political commentary.

Transphobia, no. This one’s for arguments about an unrelated topic that might broadly remind you of anti-trans logic.

Good to know, thanks.

Given the commonplace nature of trans stuff in this universe, I’m a bit curious about what road this is going to go down. ‘Biology’ is pretty vague, so for all we know it could be something stupid like… fluff, I dunno… “people are biologically more sensitive to the whispers” or something.

Did someone already tried to camouflage textbooks into blog posts to trick teenagers into reading them?

BTW, before I didn’t realized they are twins and therefore same age, with one of them being shorter …

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