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This Storyline Is Canceled 10/26

This Storyline Is Canceled 10/26 published on 6 Comments on This Storyline Is Canceled 10/26

The Volume 3 Kickstarter ends tonight! Last chance to get in your preorders, and/or treat yourself to some extra add-ons! Can we set a new high of 80 backers?

Volume 3

Lulen (thinking): Funny . . . I really don’t want to talk about the most difficult time in my life with a couple of curious 12-year-olds.

Lulen: I didn’t read any post, sorry! Guess you just need to have this conversation with somebody else!

Ragnild: So much for that idea. And she might be the only ex-servant at the Embassy!

Iona: There’s a lot of current servants working here . . . Some of them have gotta be Holger Saga fans.

Ragnild: I thought those were the worst people to ask about servitude, because all the personal experience makes them biased.

Iona: Again . . . that doesn’t sound right.

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*Slams head on desk repeatedly*

They are CHILDREN. Also, all of the adults around them are not talking to them. Give them a break: their worldview is naturally stunted because their brains haven’t finished developing. What they need is guidance.

More generally, this scenario of “I just took for granted that the beliefs I was raised with are correct, but now that I’m thinking about them more deeply, something seems off, in a way I don’t even have the language to articulate yet” can happen at any age.

(But I knew it would be most sympathetic from a couple of tweens.)

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