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This Storyline Is Canceled 12/26

This Storyline Is Canceled 12/26 published on 11 Comments on This Storyline Is Canceled 12/26

Ragnild: Hang on, I remember that guy. He used to bug you, Iona.

Iona: What? He’s always been nice to me.

Ragnild: He totally hassled you! I had to yell at him and everything.

It was very cool and brave! How come you don’t remember?

Iona: Maybe I didn’t really need protecting!

You and Dad always think I need help, and sometimes I don’t!

Thorn: Maybe you should move on for a while, babe? Sounds like someone else wants to hang out here.

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Oh boy.
Ragnild gets to learn two lessons today.

I think Ragnild’s at a point in her development where she has many lessons presented to her every day, and the number of things she learns per day is in large part up to her.

This is, for what it’s worth, true for a lot of people out there. Real people, people like me. That said, I feel like I’ve already learned a lot of the lessons that Ragnild has available, such as fractions.

Well, OK. Maybe I’ve only learned something like 999/1001ths about fractions. But I was almost a math major, so me and fractions go way back.

Ah yes, the important lesson of “specific disability does not mean general inability”. You go, Iona, stand up for your independence!

more generally: Sometimes what you think is studied insult that requires redress is something someone else thought so little of that they don’t remember. To wit, I’m fairly certain that Ragnild is thinking of the incident from the day of the Vampire Masquerade, which went something like this:
(Vampire Masquerade, Page 17-18)
RAGNILD and IONA: We wish to meet Astrid Rødlund!
SVEN: Servant! Put down the canapes and escort my children to their room.
(Vampire Masquerade, Page 25)
RAGNILD: Servant! I order you to disobey father!
RAGNILD: Oh, I know! Iona!
IONA: I’m really not that invested, and I’m unenthused about what I’m pretty sure you’re gonna say next.
RAGNILD: Be a prop to further my goals and get out of your chair so the servant has to stay with you while I run away.
(Vampire Masquerade, Page 30)
-Later that night-
RAGNILD pushes IONA out a window absolutely not by accident. IONA does Ragnild the favor of never mentioning this to anyone.

and Iona is thinking of this moment:
(Sweet Summer Children, Page 12-14)
LEIF dives to catch IONA when she stumbles, and they both are expecting him to get maximum volts; nothing happens.
IONA:Did you know that you weren’t going to get zapped?
LEIF: Uhhh….
KATYA: Actually, you have order authorization now so when you yelled for someone to catch you that disarmed the zap nothing to be suspicious about here don’t mention it to anyone.
IONA: Oh, okay.

Actually, given Leif was… otherwise occupied that day, I think she might actually be referring to the incident where Thorn became something out of a hentai novel. (Leif had to use his patented Bullshittery Abilities to keep the girls away from the pool while Thorn was soaking inside of it, and things escalated enough that Leif got zapped for touching Ragnild.)

I can’t actually remember any other time that they’ve shared more than two pages of screentime in an arc!

You have a point there, but now that I think about it, there’s probably some incidents to which we haven’t been privy.

I’d too think Ragnild is referring to the incident at the pool.
With all that happened the other night, pushing her sister out of the window, vampires and meeting the author, I bet Ragnild doesn’t even remember Leif was the one ordered to escort them to their room.

I really feel where Iona is coming from in panels 3 and for. Being differently abled myself it was/is a bit grating when people try to stand up for/help me when I don’t need the assistance. While I greatly receive help when it is needed when it isn’t it just feel like people are (intentionally or not) treating me like I’m less capable than I am, whether or not I have proven myself capable in the past.

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