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This Storyline Is Canceled 13/26

This Storyline Is Canceled 13/26 published on 10 Comments on This Storyline Is Canceled 13/26

Ragnild: Well, fine. He’s a wonderful guy who never did anything wrong. So I’ll be very nice to him! You watch.

Excuse me! What’s your name, again?

Leif: Um — Leif.

Ragnild: Okay, Leif: Astrid Rødlund posted a thing, and, do you think servants are treated bad? Or maybe treated too well? Or what?

Leif: I . . . I can’t complain.

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Big oof.
“I can’t complain” = I am not allowed to complain.
These kids can’t learn what their world is really like because those who can speak don’t know, and those who know are punished for speaking.

Yeah. This right here is why whenever anyone tells me they can’t complain in response to my asking how they’re doing, I respond with a sympathetic, “Oh my, that’s horrible.” If I like them, I’ll probably then ask if there’s anything I can do to help, otherwise I’ll just add something like, “Good luck on resolving that.”

Generally, people are *very* confused by this.

Background: I’ve had several bosses who made it very clear that they tolerated no complaints about their poor management skills, regardless of how constructive they might be. Most of them had all of the various other bad management tactics and strategies that you’d expect would go along with this.

Fortunately, I’ve not worked for employers where this was well tolerated, and none of them lasted very long as my boss.

I have had enough people who were grateful that I understood their circumstance to encourage me to continue recognizing that denial as an actual complaint.

Ah yes, Leif, exactly the person to go to for unbiased accounts of servant treatment. Pay no attention to the industrial-strength compartmentalizing he’s got going on in there.

“Industrial-strength”? “whoa” … “as sophisticated as any I’ve ever seen” … it may be MILITARY-strength compartmentalizing.

Believe me, “military-strength” isn’t saying much.

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