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This Storyline Is Canceled 15/26

This Storyline Is Canceled 15/26 published on 13 Comments on This Storyline Is Canceled 15/26

New exclusive post on Patreon: sketches from the development of Magical Atarangi, and spoilers about the next Leif & Thorn knights to be introduced.

Ragnild (thinking): Is he brushing me off? Or making fun of me? Or . . .

Ragnild: Do you know anybody who can say?

Leif: There’s . . .

Leif (thinking): Is she serious? If she is, I should tell her to ask Katya. Not for any particular reason.

Leif: There’s nobody. I’m sorry.

Leif (thinking): But she’s a kid. It’s too risky. Even though there’s no risk because nobody’s doing anything wrong.

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See, now I want to know what Katya’s willing to do in order to accomplish her goals.

I think there is very little that would stop her, but she’s trying to work within the limits of an ethical framework. “Those who hunt monsters” and all that.

Yeah, but ethics don’t mean shit for guerrillas and insurgents. If Katya’s aiming to go up against Sonheim’s entrenched power structures, she’ll need to weigh the end goal against what she thinks she’s not willing to sacrifice.

Yeah. I think Katya’s not really working within an ethical framework so much as a “what can I safely sneak past the slave masters” framework.

“What can she slip past her compulsion chip”, too, except I think we’ve seen it said that she can do something to make those not zap people. Elisa asked about it, I think, and Katya said she can only do it to the Sonheim-grounds versions of the compulsions. So probably Katya doesn’t need to worry about crimethink, just not actually saying shit that would get her in trouble in front of people who would snitch on her.

Idea: Katya is a deep cover agent for a resistance movement.

Agent? IMHO not ordinary agent, but one of leaders.

No way, not a leader of a movement. You need to keep the leadership capable of organizing and coordinating the movement somewhere they can keep doing their job. Now, Katya can use this experience to springboard herself into being one of these leaders, but not right now. Remember, you can scream against oppression and grab a weapon and fight all you want. Unless you can organize the planning and logistics necessary to hold on to whatever gains you make, your movement if fucked.

As an example, look at the Taliban. Their resources are finite compared to the US military, meaning they can’t just throw their people at our guys like they’re lemmings. They coordinate their strikes, organize their resources, and have sharp political experts capable of putting proper pressure on the places they need to in order to accomplish the goals they want. That requires leadership that isn’t putting themselves in situations like Katya’s in right now.

If Katya is this kind of senior leadership, there needs to be a good reason why she put herself in this role when there might have been other fighters just as capable of doing this.

Hey, Erin. Quick question: Are there heart cudgels, blackjacks and/or clubs? What sort of personality do you think one would need?

We’ve been given a sort of answer for the first half of that:
The wiki itself states that Non-bladed heartswords are currently theoretical. Urban legends about “heartstaffs” are probably based on magical girls who were misidentified. (Or who were deliberately messing with people.)

I can’t find where this was stated, but the sense I got was that Sir Rhódon’s method explicitly ‘forges’ a bladed weapon, and no one has bothered trying to find their own path to a heart[weapon], as it’s always easier to follow in another’s footsteps than make your own path.

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