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This Storyline Is Canceled 16/26

This Storyline Is Canceled 16/26 published on 9 Comments on This Storyline Is Canceled 16/26

Ragnild: I don’t think that helped either. Did you understand it, Iona–?

Ragnild (thinking): She “doesn’t need protection,” right? So she’s probably been fine the five minutes I left her alone, right?

Great. I can’t even tell, because they’re talking in “foreign.”

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Looking forward to learning what Iona and Thorn are talking about!

She’s probably getting the heathen’s perspective. Crowns to crullers Thorn gets to pop Iona’s “Servants are just the way the world works” bubble.

I have this impression that Iona’s been paying attention enough to understand this issue a lot better than Ragnild. It’s just that Ragnild doesn’t listen to her properly because “she’s disabled”.

Mmm… Unsure about Ragnild ‘ignoring’ Iona because of her disability. Ragnild has quite often been protective of Iona, and ‘Protective’ CAN turn into ‘I know better than you’.
On the other hand, Ragnild by and large has been depicted as treating Iona as fairly independent.

Quick tally by running through the entire cominc focused on Ragnild’s appearances.

Ragnild doesn’t say “Iona needs to swim for exercise, so I have the schedule memorized” it’s “Iona has the schedule memorized.”
Ragnild pushes the chair at Iona’s request and not a moment sooner during I Got Eight Problems… when Leif rumbles that they may be involved with the smuggling plot.

Pushed Iona out of a window after Iona told her the chair wasn’t rated for that sort of drop.
Ragnild is dismissive of Iona’s experience with the Woman in Black (I would pardon this one, I only included it for completeness.)

Ragnild is cautioned by Iona about loading her chair down with pamphlets on the night of The Show Must Grow On. Ragnild then takes those pamphlets out despite Iona protesting that they don’t add enough weight to worry about.

I would definitely bet Iona has a better understanding, but I think that’s likely not because Ragnild isn’t listening to her, but rather as a disadvantaged person she likely is a bit better at looking for/spotting/thinking about that sort of thing

Yeah, I think Ragnild’s biggest road block in understanding this is just that she’s privileged enough that none of these issues ever actually affect her directly, and she’s not motivated to broaden her horizons beyond her direct life experiences.

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