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This Storyline Is Canceled 17/26

This Storyline Is Canceled 17/26 published on 20 Comments on This Storyline Is Canceled 17/26

Thorn: . . . no, I didn’t read the post, but I heard about it on Facetbook. One of my niblings posted about it. And, well, I trust her opinions on this kind of thing.

Iona: What did she say?

Thorn: . . . uh, nothing that would’ve been covered in your Ceannic lessons.

Hyacinth (text): ofc some of the stuff she said was always pretty sus but,,, i thought it was rly “middle-aged fingers” n she was gettin better adjdhksd just wanna yeet all my HS merch into the sun now??? #IDontStandWithAstridRødlund

Thorn: Let’s just say, I think your servants deserve better.

Iona: You think . . . Okay, how?

I mean, how do you treat your servants in Ceannis?

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Hah, I suppose Very Internet slang is at least intermediate-level. Very important for tweens to learn, though, imo!

Also, hoo boy. Time for some cultural lessons. Kind of surprised she thinks Ceannis has servants, tbh! But I assume this will be clarified.

“Why wouldn’t Ceannis have servants?! That’s a pillar of a caring society. What, do they let people be imprisoned or executed for debts? Do people not get an opportunity to pay back what they owe if a loved one is sick or injured?”
-a Sønheimer who doesn’t know that Ceannis has socialized healthcare and debt consolidation/forgiveness/Bankruptcy.

Oof, when you put it like that it almost sounds reasonable. But of course, that Sonheimer would be having a failure of imagination, because in fact, as you pointed out, there Totally Are other options than “servitude” or “imprisonment/execution”.

Apropos of nothing, many plantation owners claimed they were giving slaves honest work, shelter, and a purpose in life. The whippings, rapes, forced breeding, and family separation all happened because clearly the master knew better than the slaves.

I would totally believe that some plantation owners didn’t knew about the whippings, rapes, forced breeding, and family separation. Would require them to care.

Technically speaking, I’m pretty sure Ceannis has servants.

– They’re far rarer.
– They can seek alternative employment.
– They’re not a legally subjugated class. They officially have the same rights as everyone else, though there are still things that can affect what rights one effectively has to some degree.
– They’re never legally vampire food, unless they specifically consent to be.
– They’re not chipped against their will. They don’t have any sort of control chip, unless they’ve consented to it, and if they have, this is probably something they’re in to.
– They’re never servants because of debt due to health care costs, because the government brokers most health care. (One still has an option to pay for care if one wants to, such as if it’s elective surgery the government won’t cover.)
– They’re probably not servants because of debt.
– At least some of them are paid insanely well. These servants are generally employed by the wealthy. I’d guess Archie might employ one of these, if he gets paid as much for his work as people in our equivalent jobs get paid.

They have “servants” in the literal English-language sense of the word, “people whose job is providing service.”

They don’t have “servants” in the Sønska-language sense of the word, which would be more-accurately translated as “polite euphemism for debt-based slaves.”

What does adjdhksd mean?

It’s called a “keysmash.” It’s an interjection that usually indicates that the user is experiencing such strong feelings that they can’t quite focus long enough to type them out clearly. The strong feelings can be anything from surprise to lust to dismay, and you can usually tell which based on context. Hyacinth’s keysmash here reads as disgust and frustration to me. If I wanted to convey something similar to someone a bit older, I might instead type “ugh!”

Aww, Hyacinth’s expression 🙁

I’m a little confused, why does it look like she’s about to break down? Was this a thing when Rowling fucked up?

Lulen broke down in tears in reaction to the post. Obviously the whole situation was much more personal for her, but there’s a whole spectrum of reactions when you find out terrible things about someone you admired. It’s all the worse when that person is intimately connected to something you hold dear to your heart.

. . . Boss, any shocking revelations or illiberal personal opinions you want to get out of the way?

Hyacinth has very strong feelings about slavery (she was a protester outside the Embassy, she argued with Leif about it, …).
Now she finds out that a person she admires is not only OK with slavery, but make an argument to treat slaves even worse than they already are. That’s hard to take.

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