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This Storyline Is Canceled 21/26

This Storyline Is Canceled 21/26 published on 11 Comments on This Storyline Is Canceled 21/26

Thorn (thinking): Keep calm, and keep this simple. Don’t get too personal.

Thorn: Leif is . . . very important to me, yes.

But I really think things should get better for all servants. More like the Ceanska way, and less like Astrid Rødlund’s “I do respect servants, but . . . ” way.

Ragnild: Okay, well, I was just talking to Leif, and he said he’s fine with the way things are. So, how come that’s not good enough for you?

Is it because maybe sometimes people just say they’re fine? And you oughta ignore that and protect them anyway?

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Ouch, didn’t see that connection coming.
There’s more than one reason why people tell you they’re fine when they aren’t.
How to figure out they’re not really fine and whether you could, should or must not ignore what they said is a big question.

Since it’s too much to hope that Thorn tells them Leif literally can’t compared to Iona having the relative choice of being able to say when something’s wrong or not, I’m gonna put my money on, “Iona pieces things together but still can’t say anything aloud because social conditioning”.

I feel like Thorn has already covered this one. But it’s not hard to reply, “Leif literally can’t complain about his situation. His obedience chip would shock him.
Also, I’m pretty sure he didn’t say he was `fine`, as that would be a lie, and his obedience chip would shock him for that.”

Still kids, Thorn should know that one wrong word gets to their dad and both he and Leif are in deep shit.

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