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This Storyline Is Canceled 22/26

This Storyline Is Canceled 22/26 published on 5 Comments on This Storyline Is Canceled 22/26

Thorn (thinking): Okay, this conversation is going places that I shouldn’t follow.

Thorn: Leif has his feelings — I have mine. We work them out between us. It’s a matter just for us.

Ragnild/Iona: . . .

Ragnild: He might still have taken my side if he knew how the question was secretly about us.

Iona: I think he kinda guessed.

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They don’t even care about the servants, they only care about how that kind of thinking impacts them specifically. I shouldn’t be surprised but I am still disappointed. Also I hate DST.

What’s DST?

The conspiracy to make billions of people sleep-deprived, raise risk for cardiovascular conditions, increase in workplace injuries, car accidents and vehicle crashes, lower their productivity and make them spent more.

Also, as Kiwi L Apple said, Daylight Savings Time.

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