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This Storyline Is Canceled 23/26

This Storyline Is Canceled 23/26 published on 9 Comments on This Storyline Is Canceled 23/26

I’m creating this post in September, and just looking at the date it’s queued for is nerve-wracking. Can’t even imagine how terrifying the state of the world is going to be by the time it actually goes live.

The next several weeks’ worth of strips were queued well before today’s election, so they’ll probably seem oddly unaffected by the results. What happens after that…I guess we’ll find out.

Ragnild: Actually, I’m kinda losing track of how much of the stuff we’ve been talking about is secretly about something else.

We started with Astrid Rødlund’s opinions on biology, went to the needs and legal rights of vampires, and of indentured servants, and of you . . .

Are some of them parallel to each other? Or all of them? Or does it not even line up at all?

Iona: Hmm . . . lemme see if I can tie it all together.

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Terrifying. Yes, yes terrifying. That is the next 3 months. I’ll be that until well into January, at least, no matter what the results are from election. Today is like the knife thrust, the rest the slice as the blade is pulled up and to the side.

*FLYBOY*, this makes 4 years of service for you soon, right? How are you doing? How’s the atmosphere/tension around you?

Remember I can only speak on a personal basis, whatever I say is not reflective of my branch or those with me.

As it stands, I’m watching carefully. After he called our forebears “suckers” at Bellau Wood, well I was amazed there was something he could do to make me think less of the bastard than I already did.

Wait … in September, did people still think that election would be ONLY problem we will have at this point?

…what do you mean “still”? I don’t know anyone who ever thought that.

I mean that with covid and the riots, the date don’t seem that much exceptional regarding how terrifying the state of the world is.

Covid and police brutality are ongoing and chronic problems, where the solution is ongoing and constant effort. They don’t have a specific date that’s more important than any other.

“The US is stuck with maliciously incompetent leadership which is making all these other problems worse” is a problem with a specific deadline — election day — after which there’s no more effort we can put in, no more power we have to improve the outcome, all we can do is sit back and wait to hear whether it’s Solved* or Not Solved.

So yeah, for everyone in the US — and for plenty of non-USians whose countries still have to suffer the fallout of our terrible leaders — of course this date was (and still is, since the vote-counting is taking 72+ hours) exceptionally nerve-wracking.



*meaning this problem is solved, not that we have an excuse to relax and take it for granted that all our other problems will disappear with no further effort. (Just in case anyone still wasn’t clear on that…)

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