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This Storyline Is Canceled 26/26

This Storyline Is Canceled 26/26 published on 3 Comments on This Storyline Is Canceled 26/26

New exclusive wallpaper set on Patreon. In four variations (with standard & widescreen options available) — I also drew the about-to-be-revealed Leif & Thorn knights, including their heartswords, so the art comes in “spoilers” and “no spoilers” versions.

Seemed like a good time for a wallpaper on the theme of “there are fights ahead, so let’s stand together and have each other’s backs”:

One more thing:

Ragnild: Haaaang on a second.

This says Rødlund’s whole post was a response to some other article, where they used the phrase “people who drink blood”!

Iona: So . . . she’s defending their accurate reference to biology?

Ragnild: No! She got mad at them!

Maybe a person who wrote really good books can still just be wrong about stuff.

Iona: Or maybe it’s, like, a hoax — On purpose. Either way: we oughta stop listening.

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🤣 I mean!! “People who consume blood” would certainly catch some non-vampires, I myself enjoy a good blood pudding, but yeah no this seems like a “USE THE TERMINOLOGY I CONSIDER CORRECT AND NOTHING ELSE” shitfit on Rødlund’s part. With extra wacko opinions thrown in for flavor.

Much like how “people who menstruate” is a discrete biological category, AND YET it gets some people all shirty about “you mean women, right??? just say women!!!!!” even though, in fact,,,

Wait, what? How exactly is what the post is response to supposed to change what it said and what is hoax?

I understand why we don’t see the original 3000 word post, but sometimes it makes hard to follow the conversation.

Rødlund’s essay went “Other People say X, but I am bravely standing up for Y.

So if you track down the Other People she’s responding to, and discover that they’re not saying X — in fact, they were talking about Y in the first place — well, now you know Rødlund was making stuff up about these Other People.

There are two possible explanations for that. One, she’s just honestly dumb, and doesn’t understand what Other People are saying. Two, she is deliberately misrepresenting Other People, because she doesn’t like them, and wants to make them look bad.

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