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This Storyline Is Canceled 6/26

This Storyline Is Canceled 6/26 published on 7 Comments on This Storyline Is Canceled 6/26

Quick, somebody do an archive binge and report back with all the incidents of “people take advantage of their servants’ non-right to bathroom privacy.”

It’s the final week of the Volume 3 Kickstarter — and with the main goal raised, we’re working on stretch goals! Already hit the one where I make the book longer. Can we get to the one where Leif & Thorn gets a cool new professionally-drawn map?

Ragnild: Hey . . . officer Lulen? Can we ask you somethin’?

Lulen: Yes?

Ragnild: Did you read the thing Astrid Rødlund just posted?


On-screen text: Indentured servants get food, water, medication, and shelter. Anything else they want isn’t a biological need, it’s an entitled demand . . .

A little less recently

Vampire: Don’t look at me like that, pet! I swear, it’s like you think you deserve privacy in the bath.

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Weird question- is the tattoo a part of the Fleurcode, or is it just a “tattoo that’s in that general vicinity”? (I can’t remember if this has been asked already – if it has, sorry!)

Tangentially related: Is the tattoo being on the neck why a lot of people from Sønheim have hair that covers their necks?

The tattoo *is* the fleurcode. Think “barcode,” but flower-shaped instead of bar-shaped.

Looking up the fleurcode will tell you where the person is registered as a servant. The microchip implanted underneath will have more details, but it’s not so easy to scan.

…Looks like I’m out for this storyline too. *Packs bags* Khyrin, you want to take this one?

Okay. Take care of yourself, please.

I’m guessing Rødlund’s Holger Saga was a source of comfort during Lulen’s durance. Maybe even the reason she thought she was ‘safe’ going into servitude at all.

As for the “people take advantage of their servants’ non-right to bathroom privacy”, I’m pretty sure the only strip actually demonstrating that was Leif expecting(anticipating?) Thorn’s Direct Supervision while trying on clothing before Summerfest, plus the time that Leif bolted directly to Manager Ludolf’s office from the shower and a third strip where Katya(?) responded to an intercom message demonstrating that the Servant’s Servant’s whole quarters, including the showers and the dressing room are wired for recording, not just for managers to send messages down.

I actually have a great deal of hope with this page. We know that Thorn and his team needed to be assigned here, Because Prophecy. Thorn hates the crap that is happening in Leif’s country (writ large, and within the embassy at the local level). Lulen remembers the skeevy feeling when she was owned. More and more people are going to realize how Not Okay this is. Don’t you see? Boss isn’t going to leave it all dangling. There will come a reckoning, but because it is an enormous problem, change won’t occur quickly. Hence, why it will take multiple additional arcs to make it through. However, it is also perfectly fine to skip that which is personally upsetting in a comic.

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