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This Storyline Is Canceled 7/26

This Storyline Is Canceled 7/26 published on 14 Comments on This Storyline Is Canceled 7/26

Lulen (thinking): It’s only for a year . . . I’ll be one of the good ones — it’ll be easy . . .

Okay, I’m late, but only by a minute, that could happen to anyone —

Lulen: Ahhh!


Lulen (thinking): Holger spent ten years sleeping in a pantry, and he made it out. Obviously it’s just a story, but . . . People like Astrid Rødlund, who’d cheer him on, are real!

Lulen: Holger was never meee!

Róta: Want me to fight Rødlund?? I bet she goes down with one punch! Authors are wimps.

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Oof, this just captured so PERFECTLY why these books worked so well. It was perhaps the definition of escapist fiction. You too might get your letter and escape where you were- from abusive family to bullies and you would have MAGIC- the power to change and control your world.

Love the support she’s getting from her fellow guards in panel 4. They’re not just co-workers, they’re good friends/found family it seems.

That’s what happens when you’re with a good unit.

Flyboy, I picture Róta as your alter ego here. And approximately correct about Rødlund’s combat readiness. It might take 2 or 3 punches, though.

Rødlund’s best response would be to pull a Karen, appealing to dangerous authorities.

Alter ego nothing, storytime kids. A year after I joined my last unit, we got a new company first sergeant. It was normal, you expect it, but the new one? Guy was a grade-A asshole. At first I was willing to chalk it up to growing pains, until he started calling out our platoon sergeant for “not meeting expectations”. Not standards, the first sergeant’s personal expectations. This was a guy who had deployed to Africa, had qualified for Martial Arts Instructor Training, handled positions outside his expected billet, and was dealing with personal issues in spite of his responsibilities drawing him away while still maintaining MOS competencies. Suffice to say, not just myself, but the whole platoon was pissed. We even made it clear to our Officer In Charge at how pissed we were. Suffice to say, said first sergeant didn’t last too long at the unit before he was transferred away.

Wait I am confused. Were the other guards also servants?

“Authors are wimps.”
I mean… as an author, I can’t deny that. Róta didn’t need to call me out like that, though.

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