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This Storyline Is Canceled 8/25

This Storyline Is Canceled 8/25 published on 5 Comments on This Storyline Is Canceled 8/25

Once you’ve picked your tier for the Volume 3 Kickstarter, check out the potential add-ons. Extra books, cool mini-prints, cute pins, and a silly novelty version of But I’m A Cat Person volume 1.

Bryn: You . . . you can’t fight her, Róta. We’re in a whole other country! On the other side of the mountains, even.

Róta: Then I’ll get rid of all my copies of the Holger Saga! Yeah! Throw them all on a bonfire! That’ll show her! Are ya with me, Bryn?

Bryn: “All” your copies?

Róta: . . . the original paperbacks, the animation tie-in hardcovers, and the special twentieth-anniversary box set.

Bryn: Um . . . Even if you burn them, she has your money already.

Róta: Well, I . . . I’m gonna go back and leave an absolutely scathing review on the purchases! She won’t even know what hit her!

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Yeah, burning books won’t really hurt the author. Not buying more might, but that assumes you would buy them otherwise.

In theory, the best thing to do is to dump them on the used market, which reduces the author’s profits from new sales. But it’s a small enough difference that holding onto your copies isn’t going to mean that much. I just won’t buy anything more from that sends money to that individual.

And it’s unfortunate that its happened enough times that I’ve got a thoroughly thought out policy on how to deal with it.(Rowling, Eddings, Bradley, Card, Correia)

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