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This Storyline Is Canceled 8/25

This Storyline Is Canceled 8/25 published on 4 Comments on This Storyline Is Canceled 8/25

Once you’ve picked your tier for the Volume 3 Kickstarter, check out the potential add-ons. Extra books, cool mini-prints, cute pins, and a silly novelty version of But I’m A Cat Person volume 1.

Bryn: You . . . you can’t fight her, Róta. We’re in a whole other country! On the other side of the mountains, even.

Róta: Then I’ll get rid of all my copies of the Holger Saga! Yeah! Throw them all on a bonfire! That’ll show her! Are ya with me, Bryn?

Bryn: “All” your copies?

Róta: . . . the original paperbacks, the animation tie-in hardcovers, and the special twentieth-anniversary box set.

Bryn: Um . . . Even if you burn them, she has your money already.

Róta: Well, I . . . I’m gonna go back and leave an absolutely scathing review on the purchases! She won’t even know what hit her!

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