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This Storyline Is Canceled 9/26

This Storyline Is Canceled 9/26 published on 11 Comments on This Storyline Is Canceled 9/26

Róta: At least we don’t have to worry about this workplace falling for that stuff! I’ve never seen a servant abused here.

Sigrún: Aren’t you all supposed to be training?

Róta: C-Captain Sigrún! Something happened with Lulen’s, uh, emotional support fiction.

Sigrún: Yes, I believe I saw this on the net. Officer, if it’s any consolation: I always thought Rødlund’s writing was dreadful.

Lulen: Captain, respectfully, I thought you still hadn’t read the Holger Saga.

Sigrún: Yes, and in retrospect, that was very principled of me.

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Good news first: If we assume that Róta represents the mean citizen of Sønheim, there ARE actions that, when done to a debt-servant, are considered abuse of power by the average citizen.

Bad news: “Well, I’ve never seen a servant abused here.” does not mean that no servants are being abused.

Worse news: Lulen was abused.

And from the look on Lulen’s face, she doesn’t quite buy the idea that servants aren’t abused in the embassy.

She may also have different definition of abuse than Róta.

Now, was Róta looking when vampires were drinking Leif? To calibrate what she thinks about abuse … (she was not tagged in that storyline …).

Devil’s advocate: unfortunately, Lulen DID participate in picking on a servant: back in the “friendly training” arc. That looks more like a guilty look to me. Now, we have had first-person accounts of Lulen’s private thoughts: she doesn’t necessarily LIKE it, and we know from the arc where the guards pretended to be Lady Szelanya for their Christmas-analog, that Lulen is (potentially) secretly afraid of Capt. Sigrun.

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