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Thorn Explains: Animal Soulbonds

Thorn Explains: Animal Soulbonds published on 15 Comments on Thorn Explains: Animal Soulbonds

Thorn: Hey, you want we should do a cute, happy, non-traumatizing strip today? Ask some questions about my kitty.

Leif: Gladly! Can soulbonds happen with any animal? or does it take a special one?

Tiernan: I am so cute! Why isn’t there a plushie of me yet??

Thorn: They’re not extra-magic, if that’s what you mean. But there are some general standards . . .

– Age: young. The process fails more often with older animals. It’s as if they get too “set in their ways” to accept a soulbond.

– Species: domesticated and fairly smart*, travel-size. Cats, dogs, and birds such as lories or budgies are most popular.

* But not too smart. No unicorns, or Tamaputians, or other humans.

– Temperament: friendly, quick to learn new things, not too anxious or easily-distracted. Like any other service animal.

Leif: Is there a limit to how far a person can get from their soulbonded animal? Or how long they can be apart?

Tiernan: Nope . . . we are a little different from daemons.

Tansy: No! Tiernan stayed with my family while my brother was stationed at the observatory — far from Central, and it lasted the better part of a year. The idea was that, at such an isolated post, it would be good for Thorn to have a direct feed of familial love and support through the soulbond. Also, we figured it would be really bad if his soulmate got eaten by a mountain lion.

Leif: Do you and your pet change each other’s preferences or feelings, through the bond?

Kale: Soulbonding makes the animal smarter. Lets them “get” more complex emotions, make plans, mostly-follow your language(s). And it can permanently change the human’s tastes . . . I like liver and bacon a lot more, now.

Thorn: While my favorite food went from “vegetable curry” to “fish curry.” Favorite drink is still bhang lassi.

Tiernan: You’ve all looked up what that translates to by this point, right? Can we just start saying “weed smoothie”?

Leif: Are you full-on telepaths now? I mean, can you hear each other’s thoughts?

Tiernan: We can get general emotions and sensations from each other. But our humans don’t hear exact words, no. If they did, I couldn’t get away with all my great fourth-wall-breaking jokes.

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Not all Dæmons follows rules of “His Dark Materials” (or The Golden Compass). For example, my ssh daemon doesn’t really care how far I get from him.

In fact, ssh daemons get more useful the farther away they get!

No, we can’t just start calling `lassis` `smoothies`. At least, I’ve been told there’s enough differences to how they’re made that if you somehow got, say, Smoothie King to make you a weed smoothie, it would be distinctly different from your bhang lassi. (Unless the Smoothie King employee happened to recognize that was a sort of smoothie that was generally Indian and knew how to make lassis.)

Disclaimer: I’m not handy enough in the kitchen to be able to make a lassi, and I’ve failed to properly make smoothies enough times to be suspect in that regard as well. I’ve never had a bhang lassi, but it’s my understanding the answer is a standard thing for any sort of lassi.

Also, I’d guess that there are other sorts of weed smoothies that exist. Weed is one of those areas in which my education is lacking, but I know that different people are different, and there’s over 7 billion of us. Weed is fairly mainstream outside of the US and possibly a few other countries that are in the pockets of big pharma.

It’s possible I should mention that I hadn’t looked that up, though maybe that could be assumed from ‘never had a bhang lassi’. (Probably shouldn’t be assumed, though. I bet there’s some who have deliberately not had one because they did look it up.)

I thought “smoothies” didn’t have milk in them?

I googled “bhang lassi” and sounds pretty nice, though. How strong is it? I heard once that weed infusions are extremely potent.

They can have milk in them! Depending on the type of smoothie being made, some people add a splash of milk (cow, other animal, or plant-based) to them instead of a splash of water. They can also be made with a dollop or two of yogurt or even ice cream (if you want… er… a less healthy version, haha). The extra liquid helps them blend… well, smoother. 😀

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