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Thorn Explains: Implanted Medical Crystals

Thorn Explains: Implanted Medical Crystals published on 8 Comments on Thorn Explains: Implanted Medical Crystals

For reference, some IRL people with a similar condition to Pascentia’s are lawyer/model Thando Hopa and actress/director Michelle Mosalake.

Thorn: So, the compulsion microchip is under the fleurcode tattoo?

Leif: Right. You can just scan the fleurcode to find out who owns my current contract, or interface with the chip to do more complicated things. Ceannis does have spelltech that’s implanted in your body too, right?

Dex: We certainly do. For instance — ocular albinism means that my vision had, let’s say, a limited shelf life . . . I decided, why wait around for the decline? Get those retinas replaced with microchips early, that’s what I say.

Pascentia: I haven’t gotten pre-emptive medical intervention for my eyes . . . although perhaps I should? Spelltech implants need to be monitored, and periodically replaced, but they have fewer risks than non-magical implants. They don’t migrate. They suppress infections.

And it is possible to source the gems from vampire-free companies. Perhaps I’ll get a chip to suppress sunburn, while I’m at it. For now, I simply use specialty imported Sønheic sunscreen.

Leif: Wait, do you use magic on your hair? Or is it dyed? I thought people with albinism had hair that’s basically white . . .

Pascentia: If you’re ethnically Sønska, yes! For me, this is natural.

*Personal questions to ask only when you’re in a Q&A strip

Hazel: Medical microchips don’t have unlimited capacity, and sometimes it helps if they’re in a specific location. I have joint inflammation that’s magic-resistant, but not magic-immune, so I have two chips to suppress it.

The one in my neck also handles pain management, and the one in my hip does standard-issue ovary regulation. It’s really rare for any person to need more than two!

Kale: Do they count as “implanted” spelltech devices if I have to pull them out and wash them? Also . . . my prosthetic eyes could theoretically keep transmitting visuals into my brain when they’re not actually in my head.

I don’t have that setting on, because it’s way too disorienting to handle. Some people get the training for it! I’m too busy with therapy.

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I really love how disablity is always so thoughtfully included in your work.

Personally, I would love an implant that regulated my hormones-which either cause or greatly worsen most of my conditions! And something hyper-local so it JUST hits the areas it is needed would be nice too.

How would an implant prevent sunburn? Would it regulate melanin production or just be a low key healing to prevent UV damage building up?

I’d think that the doctors would generally prefer to use wearable spell tech when possible, if sunburn is her only concern, how about a worn gem that projects a UV blocking field around her?

Wouldn’t Kale have some implant to receive the eye signals and send to the brain? Kind of weird to think that the eyes could send directly to the brain at distance, which kind of precludes the need for gems to be implanted to do their job, and has some pretty scary implications of weaponizing the tech.

That’s a good point… The beautiful and wonderful Hermosa used his eyes while they weren’t in his head, but I’d also think he’d be on a “oh hells no” list when it came to brain surgery. Hard to tell if he’s recovering okay if his lucidity and short-term memory are already a “sometimes thing”, you know?

And if both his and Kale’s eye sockets are just scar tissue… would there be enough accessible and functional optic nerve to attach anything to *that* way?

Seeing through eyes not in your head sounds extremely uncomfortable

This is actually something we can simulate! The video I found first was of two Norwegian Premier League Soccer/Football teams playing with video glasses that shows them an image from a camera overhead.

like Kale says, you could probably get used to it, but you’d need a lot of practice and/or training.

neat! 🙂

I love the idea of being able to properly see the back of my head, to braid or trim my hair. fiddling with multiple mirrors is a pain (and ties up one of my hands).

…I guess a laptop and webcam on a long cable could maybe work… but definitely not in the shower. then again, my latest trimmer isn’t waterproof either :/ I’m still ticked off they stopped making the waterproof one.

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