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Thorn Explains: Library Editions

Thorn Explains: Library Editions published on 4 Comments on Thorn Explains: Library Editions

Exciting news for the Leif & Thorn books!

The versions available in the Reseda Comics shop are still going to be the best deal for most readers — especially if you get the 4-volume bundle — but this will make it much cheaper and easier to put Leif & Thorn in library collections.

It might be cheaper for readers outside the US, too, if you don’t mind not being able to get a signed/sketched version. Check your local bookstore, see what price they’ll give you.

And whether you buy a personal copy or not — please suggest the books to your local libraries! It’s a free and easy way to help share the comic with more readers.

ISBNs, in case the suggestion form asks for them:

Volume 1: 978-1-7329418-0-9

Volume 2: 978-1-7329418-2-3

Volume 3: 978-1-7329418-4-7

Leif: Thorn, look! I found our book in a real bookstore — the kind with a franchise!

Thorn: Sounds like a great time for us to talk about the Library Editions!

Violet: The first couple of Leif & Thorn volumes now have a Library Edition. We’re calling it that because libraries can get it for cheap.

Bookstores and big shopping sites also stock the Library Edition — they gotta get it cheap, obviously, so they can turn a profit.

Mata: The Leif & Thorn online shop stocks the Artist’s Editions. Those are the ones printed in the original crowdfunding campaign.

Both versions have exactly the same content! . . . But for obscure printing-equipment reasons, the Library Edition is 1/4″ taller.

Rowan: Hey — these two editions aren’t exactly the same! This word is spelled differently!

Archie: Well, yes . . . if you’re printing new books, it’s a good time to fix the typos. They’re fixed in the latest version of the ebooks, too.

Holly: The Artist’s Edition is the one you can get signed and sketched. And if you’re a buyer who’s not a library, it’s probably going to be cheapest.

Ivy: Unless you live outside the US! A bookstore can maybe get you a better deal on the international shipping! Don’t be afraid to check!

Woman in Black: And wherever you live, ask your local library to call their Ingram distributor, and order some Leif & Thorn books!

Leif: . . . um, Have we met? I don’t remember you.

WiB: Neither will the library! That’s why you have to contact them!

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Care to elaborate on the obscure printing-equipment reasons? I’m sure there’s plenty of nerds in the audience who’d love to know the details!

It’s nothing, exciting, I promise! The Ingram print-on-demand printers just have a fixed set of page dimensions they can/will cut, and this was the closest option they offered to the original size.

The MyBookPrinter short-run digital printers, meanwhile, can be adjusted to basically any page dimensions you ask for. (…As long as they’re not bigger than the machine, at least.)

If I had known five years ago I’d be doing this, I probably would’ve made the Artist’s Edition books in an Ingram-available size…but oh well, I’m not about to mess with them now.

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