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Thorn Explains: Magical Telepathy

Thorn Explains: Magical Telepathy published on 11 Comments on Thorn Explains: Magical Telepathy

Leif: Say, Thorn, there’s been a lot of telepathy in our lives lately. So . . . how does it work? Can anyone do it? Is the touching necessary? Is —

Thorn: I think this is a “let’s hand the whole explanation over to some magical girls” type of strip.

Atarangi: Every magical girl has a different skill set, but certain powers are associated with having an affinity for fire spirits. Telepathy and mind-reading are on this list.

♦ Channeling
♦ Prophecy/divination
♦ Psychometry
♦ Levitation
♦ Mind control

Magnolia Persil: It’s customary to touch a person’s face when telepathically connecting with them. Skin-to-skin contact makes the connection easier. Telepathy over a distance is possible . . . but it takes extra power, or advance preparation, or both.

[Setting up a mental link, to use for remote contact later]

Goldenrod: Also, people who can’t feel telepathy think it’s more secure if you give them a tangible indication of “I’m doing the thing . . . okay, I stopped.” . . . Even though, ironically? If a magical girl wants to abuse your telepathic connection? The physical contact makes you less safe.

Thorn: What?

Bramble: But fear not! EVERYONE, even a non-magical person, has INSTINCTIVE DEFENSES against MENTAL INVASION! Most ordinary people can EASILY BLOCK unwanted distance telepathy from all but the STRONGEST OF MAGES.

You can even augment these defenses with SPELLTECH, or the assistance of ANOTHER MAGE. And anyone who tries to BYPASS your mental defenses can be ARRESTED for MAGICAL CRIMES!

Kudzu: Like any magical power, it’s possible to level up at telepathy. Before my powers were blocked, I hit the point where I never saw a mental defense that I couldn’t crush. . . . I got arrested for a lot of magical crimes.

Goldenrod (thinking): It’s also possible to train your mental defenses to get stronger . . . And this guy must be doing the mental equivalent of power-lifting.

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On the one hand, “Yeah, Leif! You be awesome at a thing!”

On the other, “My poor, sweet child, why have you trained this skill?!”

I suspect that the more accurate question would be “What happened to you to train this skill”, and I suspect that the answer to that might be the near constant working with and against the spelltech obedience chip – He’s shown quite the aptitude for working around its restrictions (so much so that at one point he deliberately tripped them because he wasn’t sure if the chip was still working).

Plus, I suspect that the fact that Thorn directly stated that he didn’t see anything unusual might have tripped his obedience chip and made that accurate.

Just have to commend Erin that there is an actual question mark after Thorn says ‘What?’. I’ve seen in in a lot of webcomics recently that the artist leaves the question mark off when writing that statement.

I tend to ‘read’ that as differing inflection/intonation.

‘What?’ is the standard-for-English upward inflection at the end of a sentence to imply that it is a question.

‘What.’ is the flat intonation that indicates “I understood what you said, but find it objectionable.”

‘What’ is “I’m pretty sure I understood but I want you to repeat it so I can be sure you actually said that before I react.”

I absolutely love getting background on magical girl powers/skills and heartswords. I am all about the intricacies of a world’s magic system.
So since fire has an association with telepathy powers, do nature, water, and/ or star also have some kind of association like that?

These are all guesses on my part because I like discussing and theorizing.

Stars presumably have communicating with the Stardigrade-spirits in orbit as their specialty beyond ‘I can do whatever a Fire/Water/Nature can do’.

If Fire is the Magic of the Mind, I’d say Nature is Magic of the Body. While all the magics have some sort of “general-purpose patch up”, nature magic can nurture a body’s growth and perhaps redirect or prune away troublesome ‘branches’, metaphorically speaking. Cosmetic surgery, treatment of disorders like Polycythemia Vera(Your body produces too many red blood cells), the hormonal balance tweaks for birth control and HRT, and excising cancers.

Water Magical Girls would be Magic of the Soul, if you go by the (at least in my particular worldview) mind/body/soul trinity… but I’m not sure what soul-treatment would entail. Emotional Trauma, maybe?

With water magic perhaps being more emotionally connected – I do remember that the Whispers “attacked” people emotionally and they were related to the water (I think maybe came out of the water? or affected the people near the water?)

I like your train of thought, but The Whispers are caused by malicious spirits of any stripe.
The specific outbreak that affected Violet and Rowan’s lives was caused by malicious Nature spirits, and Magus Persil was in charge of cleaning Violet’s neighborhood out. You’re probably tying the water in as Rowan just sort of sat down in a low-lying section of Violet’s neighborhood and let the tide come in around him, not trying to die, but also not trying to live.

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