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Thorn Explains: Synesthesia

Thorn Explains: Synesthesia published on 14 Comments on Thorn Explains: Synesthesia

Just in time for the Volume 5 crowdfunding campaign, I decided to have Thorn imagine numbers with the flower colors on the Leif & Thorn print volumes!

…Which means, once we get past the volume that the currently-running strips will be in, I have no idea what the colors will be.

Guess I better not do anything plot-important with any number higher than 6, huh?

Volume 5 cover mockup

Leif: “Three is green”?

Thorn: It’s called synesthesia! Just a weird brain thing. Your mind links one type of input with a random, different type of input.

Numbers have inherent colors, sounds come with shapes, words have tastes, and so on.

Kale: Wait, does that mean you actually see the colors? Like how I see a lot of shapes and colors that aren’t there?

. . . not that mine are triggered by numbers or anything. They’re just sort of random.

Thorn: Some people with synesthesia do see the colors — or hear the sounds, or whatever link they have.

Mine isn’t that exciting. I just sort of . . . know, in my head, that “1” is pink? And “2” is purple, “3” is green, and so on.

Leif: Did you get the idea from somewhere? Maybe as a kid, you had different-colored number blocks to play with?

Thorn: Not that I remember. And that’s how it is for most people!

It’s just a random association — it doesn’t have to be “based on” anything.

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Well if 5 is white you still have red, orange, black, and brown. All other numbers are just a combination of 0-9.

This assumes there are no shades or variations that resonate elsewhere, that a number that is ice blue can also be represented by ultramarine.

It’s not synaesthesia, but my daughter is adamant when doing rainbow colour sequences in separating lime from green and cyan from blue and including pink after purple. (But is not worried about including indigo because its borders aren’t as clear to her).

Good luck on the crowdfunding campaign !

Any chance of ever publishing the comic in France ? I know some webcomics have done it, like Sleepless Domain had a paperback french version in French libraries before even having one in english… so maybe there is some interest from French comics publishers for webcomics ?

Just asking cause shipping to France brings the price of the full set from $125 to $195, plus I try to limit overseas shipping for environmental reasons… (None of this is your fault obviously !)

Thank you!

The interest in Sleepless Domain worked because it’s a much more popular comic, so they knew they could sell enough copies of the French edition to cover the cost of getting it translated. Sadly, Leif & Thorn sells less than 100 copies of each book even in the original English, so it’s not on that level. (Yet?)

I totally get that overseas shipping is a nightmare, don’t worry, and I don’t blame any non-US readers for not doing it!

Now I’m waiting for readers to reveal they too have synesthesia and be like “Amazing. However, these colors are WRONG!!” xd I’ve seen it happen a few times and it’s super funny every time.

I though there already were several comments on such topic, not counting Erin Ptah herself on this comics … like on … but the colors are not supposed to be same for everyone …

Neat! I have number -> tone associations, and apparently some kind of sensation -> taste (I can tell when I’m running low on a med because the headache tastes like bronze), but tones -> colours, and tastes don’t go to anything. In theory this should give me a colour for a number, but it doesn’t. But I think some of the music I don’t enjoy is because I don’t much like pink.

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