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Thorn Explains: Vyrvatsya

Thorn Explains: Vyrvatsya published on 5 Comments on Thorn Explains: Vyrvatsya

yes, I’m using the “misc pedestrians” tag for these folks

Leif: Tell me more about the Iuilic festival of Vyrvatsya.

Thorn: It starts thousands of years ago, before Ceannis, even before the Gulf Empire . . .

At the time, most of the Iuilic people were living in the Horn Kingdom. When the economy got bad, the ruling family decided to blame it on us, and throw us out — but keep our stuff. Word got around. We decided to pack our things and leave on our own.

The Horn King ordered his army to chase us down, kill all the adults, and bring all the valuables back to the city . . . as soon as the sun rose.

It was a double full moon, you know, good fleein’ light. Well, get this: the sun doesn’t rise. Both moons stay up there for the next six days.

So Vyrvatsya is a six-day festival, always starting when the big moon is full. We eat a lot of easy-to-carry foods, and take care to keep our moon-phase lamps lit the entire time.

Leif: How much care does it take to leave a light on?

Thorn: Heh . . . pre-spelltech, you actually had to keep a fire going. Ma still puts candles in her lamp. She thinks using crystals is cheating.

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