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Through Lights and Shadows 1/39

Through Lights and Shadows 1/39 published on 13 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 1/39

Haven’t split a single day’s worth of action into this many storylines since Leachtric. But it has so many distinct phases, it’s worth it. (I can already tell I’m not gonna fit much bonus material at the back of this print volume, either.)

This is the one where things really get rough.

If you want some happier memories of earlier times, there’s a new Patron-exclusive post about the cozy crowd shot in Plus Ones.

Dex: Don’t you have anything to say for yourself?

Kale: What, like a good reason to let me live? If you don’t want to hear it from my handler, I don’t think you’d take my word for it.

Dex: I mean in self-defense! Some kind of justification for what you did!

Kale: I don’t have one. There’s no excuse.

Dex: An apology, then? Perhaps some groveling?

Kale: Would that help? Would it mean anything? I don’t even remember who you are.

Dex: You wouldn’t — it wasn’t my mind you sank your filthy powers into, and left a smouldering wreck when they finally tore you out. You saved that for my brilliant, precious, and heart-wrenchingly long-suffering husband.

Kale: . . . Hermosa?

Dex: Oh, so you do remember him.

Kale: Did he — Did he ask you to —

. . . should we walk to the river before you kill me, or would you rather just dump my body down the slope with all the trees and get it over with?

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Kale’s like, “I want my beloved to be happy, and if my violent vigilante murder will do that, sure thing, life is pain anyway”


I think this is more about Kale REALLY feeling guilty about Hermosa.

I also don’t think Dex will tell Hermosa about this.

It was a bit of a joke, but also Kudzu definitely at least got a crush on Hermosa (see Kudzu Roots 22/35), and speculated that it could easily have been used to bring down Northwind if Hermosa wasn’t happily and monogamously married. The guilt could well be “I have/had feelings for this guy and I destroyed his brain, I am a special kind of terrible person”, imo.

Prediction for the path of this arc-

Kale: “I deserve to die for trying to take Hermosa away from you. I have nothing to say in my defense.”

Dex: “Don’t care. Tell me your side of the story so I can refuse to allow it to change my mind.”

Kale: [Repeats Kudzu Roots

Dex: “Oh. Acai basically forced you into therapy and gave explicit orders to keep you alive…”

Kale: “Yes.”

Dex: “I’m properly screwed, aren’t I? ”

WiB: “Nope!”

Dex and Kale: *boggle in sync*

More Thorn stops Dex in the nick of time then forces them to listen to K’s story. When committing a crime of passion like this, a killer doesn’t stop and ask for context.

I put it to you that while Dex is passionate, this isn’t a crime of passion. they planned this. they WANTS to hear Kudzu squirm and beg and try to excuse his actions.

Still doesn’t mean them hearing the story will stop them. Going through effort like this means they want a body, and they intend to make one.

Now I’m wondering about the extent of the damage here. We ever gonna see Hermosa or should we expect them to remain a ghost?

I completely agree that Dex isn’t going to be stopped by anything Kale says. They wants to prolong Kudzu’s suffering by making him keep talking instead of a quick, professional killing.

As for Hermosa’s damage:
His eyes were burned out of his head and he has spatial and depth perception issues that the gem prosthetics can’t correct for. He may have additional mental issues but they haven’t been discussed beyond suffering from occasional fugue states over the last 5 years, but he hasn’t been getting those.

… Erin. Erin what is the purpose of the Y2K theme. Are you having a giggle about early naughts web design?

Gosh, no. Late ’90s all the way.

I thought I’d do something simple just for a laugh. Then I poked at it for a bit and realized it would take Significant Effort to make this beautiful, elaborate, markup-and-widget-heavy template look simple. And instead of taking that to mean “this is too much effort for a silly joke, time to do something else” my brain went “this is a Challenge, we will not rest until we are victorious.”

Still not quite done, but I needed a working release in order to iron out the kinks. (Gotta track down and overwrite all these lovely modern Google fonts…)

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