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Through Lights and Shadows 10/39

Through Lights and Shadows 10/39 published on 21 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 10/39

Thorn: Really? Nobody wants to show up and interrupt, like they did at the opera? If anyone’s planning to jump out of the bushes for a dramatic reveal, now would be the time!

Dex: I know what you’re doing. And nobody’s going to hear your hollering over the Kolpovision broadcast.

Thorn: Oh, darn. You’re on to me. Kale! Remember what the agent stopped you from doing at the opera?

She’s not coming to stop you now.

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I mean, he won’t do it, though. Why would he use magic on the spouse of the person he loved, who he directly and irreversibly harmed with that same magic? Even to save his own life? A life that he obviously doesn’t value enough to try to save himself? I don’t think he trusts himself enough for that, and he certainly is looking to repent. Not make the same hurt all over again but this time with that victim’s loved one. I definitely couldn’t do it. I think I would die first.

I agree with you… But I’m gonna run in a different direction.

Those bracelets must have a squawker for if they’re compromised. Kale might be able to get away with just scratching one with the tip of the blade. Dex is doing an AWFUL job keeping control of their hostage’s limbs.

I have a further theory which I have placed as a link in my Website field. Click my name to read.

Are you really saying that Thorn? After what you said a couple storylines ago about why you were glad you didn’t do that. I restate what I said before, can a fourth party please pop out of somewhere and shut this situation down?

You’re not wrong, but remember that this is a very different situation. That one was very public, very visible, and if Kale had played the role he was offering, the press would have covered it. This is at a private residence, after dark, with exactly three people present. I’m not exactly comfortable with this solution either, but its consequences are very different than the time it was rejected.

I’m on Eastern Time and haven’t been to sleep yet. So I’m not allowing myself the time for an archive trawl.

I’d appreciate it if someone links to the applicable strip at the opera.

And yeah, Khyrin, your link’s broken. I tried deleting the last 2 characters but no dice. Hypothesis: the link’s missing one or more characters at the end.

My best guess is around here:

Kale tried to convince Thorn to cut his bracelets, but the unmemorable agent told him not to. If a little bit of his power is leaking past the bracelets, perhaps he could use that to debilitate Dex enough that he could break his bracelets against their dagger and gain control of the situation?

Kale doesn’t even need to use his powers to debilitate Dex, and I don’t think he would dare try to touch Dex’s mind, given to whom they is married.

Content Advisory: The Self-Harm bit is on the far side of this link.

Hopefully non-triggering summary:

Using my magic on me and ONLY me is okay, right?
Healing Magic is almost always okay, right?
Keeping myself alive by any means that don’t come at the physical cost of another is okay, right?

Oh yeah, I didn’t remember the healing part of Kale’s / Kudzu’s magic, only the mind control. Though I’m not sure how breaking the bracelets would defuse the situation if he doesn’t use mind control on Dex afterwards. If anything it would probably make Dex see him as an active threat and do something drastic despite Thorn being there.

On the subject of JUST keeping Dex at bay, irrespective of Kale’s personality after getting control of the Heartdagger.

*attack Dex’s SINs (Solar plexus Instep, Nose), no magic required.
*Drive them back with carefully aimed and moderated gouts of flame.
*blind them with a dazzling light.
* Create a practical illusion of Hermosa begging Dex to stop. (This is evil please don’t do that Kale.)

And that’s all if Kale can only summon fire.

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