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Oooh! So ready for the big tranformation spread on Sunday!! Hope Kale didn’t get stabbed *too* badly…

on the one hand, that’s pretty much a gut wound. Gut Wound=NEED MEDICAL CARE NOW.

On the other hand, Medical Care is going to start pouring out of his body. *Starts popping popcorn*

Wow…. I really didn’t think he would actually do it. Guess I’ll just have to- CANT WAIT UNTIL HIS NEW OUTFIT HOLY SHIT GOTTA KNOW WHATS CHANGED HOW MANY YHINGS OH BOY OH BOY

-cackling- I put a higher probability on the dramatic stabbing happening on Sunday, but I DID SAY MAYBE PAGE 11

Om nom cookies nom.

Also: Wow!! What the fuck!!! Also I need to recalibrate my expectations and also uh. Hm. I think. I will need to schedule in distracting cat videos after checking for new pages until such time as blades are no longer going to be buried in people.

Did the knife go *through* his wrist too? The bracelets are in two pieces, the first few panels look like he is cutting the back of his wrist, and the later panels show cuts on the inside of his wrist…

Damn, I just noticed that too. Gotta be some wicked strong healing abilities to stop that being fatal.

How’d he get those wounds though? If I’m looking at the panel right he either cut them from the side or top of the wrist, and nowhere near close to where they are in that third panel.

That’s my question! Judging by one of the left panels not having the gems on the bracelets, and the pieces with the gems being smaller than the pieces without, he is twisting his wrist enough to cut either side of the gems, but how is he cutting the inside of his wrist?

Heartblades are preternaturally sharp. Flesh, bone, or steel, it all yields to that cutting edge like it was nothing more than softened butter.

We only see the underside of Kale’s wrist. Maybe when Dex wrenched the blade away, he tilted it up and dragged it back, slicing the other side of the bracelet.

Regardless of the actual physical actions, the evidence left behind tells us that the bracelets were cut in two places each.

…That just makes me wonder why Ceannis didn’t just march across the entire south of the continent taking territory with their heartsword divisions leading the charge. What’s the ratio of heartweapons-to-normals again?

It’s not just heartswords versus naturals. There’s also magic and vampires and probably other things that we’re not aware of.

As such, the balance of power is more balanced than what we really know. We basically see Ceannic magic and Sønheim magic, with a smidgin of Tamputain engineering, if I recall correctly. We literally know nothing of what the other nations can do, apart from the fact that we know they can do *something*. (Or maybe that’s just me because I’m not remembering bits of other magic that we’ve seen.)

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