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Through Lights and Shadows 12/39

Through Lights and Shadows 12/39 published on 27 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 12/39

Yeah, you knew I’d save this one for a Sunday.

Kale can’t transform all the way, though — not with his powers still half-blocked. Which means no new uniform design this storyline, just a whole lot of ribbons. (I found and downloaded a whole new brush set purely to get that effect right.)


Kale (thinking): Heal — it’s the one good thing you’ve ever done, Kudzu — keep it together . . .


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Well, this only brings in more questions about his name. How much does he still associate his identity with the name Kudzu? Is it only because of the magic? Is it because he associates the name with That Time and is regressing? Did he always associate it as being His Name and Kale was only ever just an alias and not Him?

Also I bet the dagger nicked a lung if he’s coughing up blood. Hopefully magical healing can also remove the blood or he could still drown. That’s how it worked in the Dresden Files.

What the fuck did he do to Thorn’s head?

At a guess? Some sort of telepathic message and/or positive condition spell, e.g. “Grant Thorn’s movements speed and accuracy!” but wordier, or both.

I have the font Erin uses for the magic script, but it’ll take me a little while to decipher exactly what’s written.

Understood, keep us posted. *Turns to the rest of the command center* Medical, status of Kale’s wounds?

I was mistaken. I don’t have the font, which means going back and brute-forcing it via other pages.

I gave up on translating it. I sort of fell asleep on my keyboard. 😐

I’m pretty sure it’s a telepathic message now that I’ve actually stared at the text, as there’s a segment with the same character repeated three times, and I think it’s an ellipsis. (…)

Here’s my take on it (parts in brackets are my best guess for hidden characters):

[i do]nt think i can fully transform but im very g[ood]
[heal]ing – cutting the bracelets triggers an
[s]hould summon magical [auth]orities withi[n]
keep me from getting stabbed a[gain]
[c]an keep myself alive until they

So essentially he’s asking Thorn to take care of Dex and let him worry about himself until the magic police shows up.

I decided not to include the transcription because you can figure it out from how the rest of the story unfolds…but this is basically it, yeah. (Plus some connecting words and a “please” behind their heads.)

I hope you don’t mind me posting “spoilers” here. Then again anyone who keeps reading this comment thread after the first few comments is probably looking for that info.

I figured there were some words completely invisible since the visible ones didn’t form grammatically correct sentences, but I chose to transcribe only those parts where I could see at least part of the word.

Also I hope the magic police doesn’t take offense for me calling them magic police. They undoubtedly have some fancy title which I’m unaware of.

Looks like he got hit in the lung, possibly other organs caught in the crossfire. If it missed the lung, then he must have bitten his tongue or inside of his cheek. If it’s the lung, it’s unclear how effective his magic will be at closing internal wounds on himself, and even after that, whether it will remove the blood already leaked into the lung. Additionally, it is unclear as to whether or not Dex’s dagger cut into his wrist when he sliced off the bracelets. Any number of threats there. Nerves, arteries, tendons, all pretty crucial if you still want to be a good finger wiggler. He will almost certainly need immediate medical attention, unless he manages to get his magic, which he hasn’t used in years and is probably feeling immense emotional turmoil at the moment, under control and is farther reaching than I thought. Even then, he should get checked afterward anyway, just in case he missed a spot. And I’m only talking about the physical damage.

We know that a magical will instinctively turn their magic inwards to ease and repair fetal distress while pregnant. I am hoping that ‘knit together what was severed with a VERY sharp blade’ is a simpler fix than that.

This is admittedly a case of bias as I UNDERSTAND slicing wounds, and do not understand the sources and presentations of fetal distress.

Gosh, that’s an explosion of ribbons. Very nice and fancy. Also it looks like Dexie’s blade is no longer in Kale, and while there are Many Ribbons to obscure things, the hand they used for stabbing is empty. Can mages poof heartswords?

It’s falling in the first panel, look straight down from Dex’s hand for it’s purple handle, or at the top of Dex’s boot for the tip of the blade.

Yeah, nobody’s going to notice that flash (/sarcasm)

Cue Oleander and Gloriosa rolling up to acost guests as they leave to try and build a case to get Larch and Tansy’s kids given to them.

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