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Through Lights and Shadows 14/39

Through Lights and Shadows 14/39 published on 26 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 14/39

Thorn: I guess there’s no point in telling you I’m not mind-controlled.

Thorn (thinking): All I have to do is stall them. Heartswords cut deep and true, but clean . . . Easiest kind of injury to heal.

And sure, it’s not the simplest when there’s a whole torso’s worth of internal damage to cover –But as long as Kale can keep his brain running with magic — the physical repairs are just a matter of time. If I buy him enough of that, he’ll make it.

D10: Don’t waste his breath, Kudzu. I will not let you make your comeback here, if it’s the last thing I do.

Thorn (thinking): . . . And if I get stabbed in the process, hopefully he can do the same for me.

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I’ll admit I’m better with firearms, but I still think Thorn has the advantage here. He’s got the longer reach with his weapon, he’s got the physical stamina and training to utilize it, and the longer he delays the more K fixes the damage. Dex is beyond being on the losing side of this equation, they’re about ready to fumble the ball and give Thorn the touchdown.

The question is, will Dex be apprehended or slip away when he realizes there is no chance?

D10: Don’t waste his breath, Kudzu.

That turn of phrase… So good!!

Even if they are arrested, odds are good that whatever connections they have can spring them easy. It’ll be a pain though, and they’ll be on thin ice for the rest of their time in the order.

I’m less convinced that Dex’s connections will be interested in springing them. As I understand it, Dex’s connections are mostly firmly in the “Reform Kudzu/Pro Kale” camp, with none of them being staunchly opposed to it.

I feel like Dex’s connections will certainly preclude any punishment worse than mere confinement. But I feel like if they’re arrested, they’ll probably be away until the plot needs them to not be confined.

Damn it, that’s just the same length of time they’d be confined if the connections were solidly anti-Kale. OMG, how did that happen?!?

Depends on how useful she is for their purposes, not on whether she agrees with reforming K or not. We fought the Nazis, but how many did we spring with PAPERCLIP because they were anti-communist and had skills we could use?

Don’t forget, if Dex slips away, then (as far as they know) Thorn turns around and cuts the rest of Kudzu’s bracelets, and it’s over. Kudzu can puppet all of Central, he can puppet the President, he can send a puppeted Dex home to their wonderful and unwitting husband.

Dex has to either win this, or die trying. There’s no other option they could live with.

…”The rest”? You only ever showed two, Jesus Christ, what the hell is Acai saving him for?

Hm, Dex doesn’t look like they’re having the easiest time getting up. Did Kale fling them particularly hard into that bush?

My guess is a big portion of it is that they’re moving slowly and carefully to leave as few openings as possible, since they expect Kudzu to puppet Thorn into attacking any moment to kill them.

Also, that’s probably Thorn’s best advantage at the moment. Whatever strategizing Dex is going to do is built on a completely false premise, “he’s trying to kill me”, while Thorn’s actual goal is “stall for time”.

*does a somersault into the comments section* What if Dex is secretly also trained as a magical person? Kale is incapacitated, Thorn has heartsword advantage over dagger. Probable? Lmao no. But that’s the only way I could see this being a fair fight. *Somersaults away*

Theoretically possible… but:

…one lifetime isn’t long enough to get good at both. It’s like trying to become a world-class singer, or pass the exam for a doctor or lawyer. It takes dedication.

That said, given who Dex’s sibling is… if anyone could, it’s them.

I had thought Kale only had two power-blocking bracelets. It looks like there are two on the ground here. What am I missing? Does he have a second set on his other wrist?

Correct. He wears four bracelets total, two on each wrist. Thorn commented that he’d never seen them doubled back in The Show Must Grow On

as a bonus: Kale’s left wrist shows in The Show Must Grow On and his right set is the one that got sliced in this chapter.

In that comic he mentioned having them on both sides, and that one bracelet was less than the bracelets on one side.

Presumably they come in pairs, one for each wrist. It’s having two sets that’s unusual, not two bracelets.
Also, we can see them all here:

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