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Well, Hawthorn’s expression does change to smiling in the last panel – I could see him hearing the conversation pre-Glow Up through the (possibly open) window and letting someone know here. Alternatively, I have know idea if something like a local magic tracker/radar exists in this world *or* if Hawthorn would have access to it, but he might have been informed about the massive release of magical power in some other manner. Of course, this is all rampant speculation based of the fact Erin generally never has a panel set like this where only the obvious is occuring

I figured. It doesn’t add up though. Kid should have some kind of code or signal to give to his parents if something dangerous is going down near the house, the fact that he’s not giving it now is some decent, if circumstantial, evidence that he’s as clueless as I am when my wife asks me which color looks better on her.

Oh believe me, I am sitting on my hands waiting for someone to spot the Non-Obvious Important Thing in this strip…

Hmmmmm. Poaibbly somebody in the beanbag that’s facing away from us?

Or as someone else pointed out, Hazel was planning on coming into this room in a prior strip. Perhaps that’s her shadow in Panel 3, she spots whatever’s going on outside and quickly turns around.

Why not shout or say anything to Hawthorne? Hazel is very polite and knows you’re not supposed to say anything in the quiet room and is on her way to inform an adult.

Some people with changeling syndrome in the real world would possibly be able to hear the conversation through a closed window, depending on how isolated the quiet room was from the party. Probably some parts of the conversation would be hard to hear, due to party noises, but other parts would not be.

Admittedly, different people are different. Also, if the quiet room is Hawthorne’s bedroom, and heightened hearing is part of Hawthorne’s condition, those could be “soundproofed” windows. (Nothing short of a hard vacuum is truly sound proof, but windows that block something like 60 more decibels of sound than normal windows are called that, and since the conversation’s probably less than 60 decibels when it got to the window, and a normal window would take it down a certain amount, “soundproofed” windows would take it to the serious negative decibels, where it’s really hard to hear. Also, with magic, there could be real soundproofed windows.)

It IS possible to “soundproof” windows so much the sound is transmitted clearer by the wall around them. However, yes, only way to soundproof the house completely would be to levitate inner walls in vacuum few centimeters from outer walls, which would be kinda costly way to build a house.

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