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Through Lights and Shadows 16/39

Through Lights and Shadows 16/39 published on 11 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 16/39

Thorn (thinking): Don’t want to kill you, but I can’t go too easy, or you’ll figure out I’m just stalling —


D10 (thinking): He must not be completely controlled — He’s doing a very broadsword thing, trying to give me a fair fight —

Well, he’s not getting one!


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*Nods in approval*

I know Dex is trying to stay logical with the information Dex has… but I still want to call them a great glittering idiot for dispensing with guile and just throwing a fluxing bush at Thorn.

Also I’m just a little bit angry with myself for not using the phrase “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” Dex is tasked with watching magicals to make sure the magicals won’t turn dark. They, in turn, have gone dark in their zeal to make sure this SPECIFIC magical can never go dark again.

Now that you say it that way… I’m kind of surprised that their agency has missed all the signs that Dex has been harmed too badly and needed more supervision and support. I mean at least one of their coworkers could clearly tell that things were a little off the rails. 🙁

Cutting down a bush just for throwing it in a whole? Poor plant. Maybe Leif can check on it later or can give advise, how to restore the garden.

There’s only really two ways: wait for it to regrow or plant a new one. Though I guess a nature mage might be able to accelerate the former. I tend to get very attached to my plants so I’d probably go for the regrow option.

That depends on how weed-like the bush is. There are a number of plants, supposedly mostly weeds, that if you cut a large enough contiguous mass of it off off the main plant and plant it, it can actually grow roots and keep going. I got my first cactus like that. (I think that may have needed to be cut at a specific point, in addition to needing the bit to be large enough. That said, if the specific points were where I think they were, they were the natural place to cut it for one of those.)

I’ve heard reports that quite a few weeds are like that, but I never tried to *grow* any of those as potted plants, so can’t confirm that they really do work like that. I’d name the type of cactus, but I don’t know the type of cactus. It was just the sort of cactus my grandmother grew. She had 3-4 of them, which she said all started as a single plant. But when I expressed an interest in taking care of plants, she showed me how to make a new one of these at least a bit before it was really ready rather than giving me one of hers (possibly because I wasn’t going to have room in the car for a large cactus.)

With weeds and such that survive being cut it’s usually the root system remaining. That’s why if you mow your lawn dandelions keep popping up. You didn’t kill them, just removed half of it. This is a HUGE problem with species like Brazilian Pepper or Buffalo Grass since it’s very labor intensive to eradicate them.

Succulents are well known for being able to grow from just a cutting. You can also do something similar with fruit trees by grafting them onto another tree. That’s probably not going to work with a species like this though.

You can do that with some things that wouldn’t naturally do so if you apply rooting hormone to them before replanting.

I don’t think that specific bush has a good outlook though, because it’s about to be a bunch of little pieces.

I’m not sure what kind of plant it is I have at home but it can totally do that – I mean, regrow when you cut few part with few leaves. It’s climbing plant.

Now, we didn’t really get good look at the bush but I wouldn’t think it can be replanted like that. It should be able to regrow from roots, though.

… plant mage can probably reconnect it.

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