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Through Lights and Shadows 17/39

Through Lights and Shadows 17/39 published on 21 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 17/39

Thorn (thinking): Oof — that’ll leave a bruise — Keep it up for ten more minutes, Thorn, then you can bruise all you want!

I’m almost always the shorter one, I never have the advantage in reach — So with a dagger, this should be the easiest fight I’ve ever —


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Longsword, not sure whose hilt that is. Can someone confirm Pascentia?

and this is a FRIDAY. this is EVIL. EVIL AND RUDE.

This is *not* really a Friday cliffhanger.

Yes, it’s a Friday. Yes, it’s a page that would make it really *frustrating* to wait until Monday for the next strip.

That said, we had an admission that the Sunday update will be on this same comic. So we won’t have to wait until Monday. Yeah, we still have to wait two days, but we’re pretty much promised at least two days of content when that wait is over.

Ok, this is going to make things more interesting. I can see 1 of three things happening.

1; Pas joins Dex on sibling instinct.
2; Pas gets them to stop and tries to force the truth out of them (whether she likes the truth or not is another thing).
3; My theory about her plays out.

Your #2 is my bet. I’m on record as expecting Pas to just ‘What.’ through at least a single page.

I don’t think Pas is gonna help Dex with zero explanation, since he’s fighting her direct superior.

If Dex tries to give her direction they’re gonna have to overcome “I’m sorry did you just tell me to murder someone in cold blood?” when Dex says “Kill the guy trying to transform, He’s Kudzu!”

On an entirely separate note: I would have expected the transformation being stifled would have meant no movement one way or the other, but it looks like the “Put your walking-around clothes Elsewhere” bit has taken Kale’s tunic…
That, or it’s somehow been bleached and he’s using it to staunch the bleeding while the magic works.

It’s very unlikely Pas heard any of the explanation, so yes she’s totally going to ask what’s going on. AND she is not aware Dex has heartdagger, which is going to lower their credibility.

On the other hand, being mind-controlled is believable explanation in-universe, and Dex may know some code words identifying them as secret operative. And Pas doesn’t know anything “good” about Kale. So it’s totally possible Dex will convince her – not to kill Thorn, but to block him (which will allow them to kill Kale). So yeah, this might became reinforcements for the other side.

On the third hand :-), the explanation WILL take some time. Hopefully enough for Kale’s handler to arrive before he’s killed.

And the transformation seems not stopped but slowed, actually …

Just realized (after getting home from work) that I’ve never actually posted my theory about Pas. I think she might be an agent as well (without Dex knowing) and was placed in the team by Acai. Since she has so many skills, and was qualified for so many orders, she would be ideal to fit into any situation the order would want. Acai could have warned her that this situation was going to happen, just not when.

I like this theory.
I’m personal more into: Hermosa actually knows Dex better than they thought and filled Pas in with everything. Maybe he kind of likes Kale after all. And maybe he really doesn’t want for Dex to get in trouble because of hurting/killing Kale in a stupid revenge thing. Pas is the one, Hermosa can fully trust and she can (theoretically) stop Dex without getting them in trouble.

But your theory involves Acai. I like Acai.

Considering the abuse she and her sibling went through that shaped them both into extreme versions of the people they might have been, I’m going to err on the extreme cautious side of “Pas is going to side with Dex and defend them even if it flies in the face of direct orders.” I really hope it doesn’t go that far, but I haven’t seen the theory yet so let’s throw it out there.

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