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Through Lights and Shadows 2/39

Through Lights and Shadows 2/39 published on 11 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 2/39

Dex: If you think this is funny —

Thorn: Everything okay out here?

Kale: Thorn! It’s — it’s fine. I needed some fresh air.

Thorn: So you decided to take a walk. And you made a new friend?

Kale: That’s right. A friend.

Thorn: . . . Can you tell me their name?

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I wonder how much of the conversation Thorn heard…

Not enough that he’s jumping to any conclusions… My big fear is that Kale’s gonna surprise Dex tommorrow.

There is no way in the seven hells that Hermosa never mentioned his stalwart, steadfast husband Dexippus Zikos.

The question is if he’s gonna try and weave in a ‘HELP’ signal (“This is… Remember Hermosa? you know, the veterinarian? Anyway, this is Dexippus, his husband.”)

If he let that slip before getting his mind ripped open, he’s an even worse agent than I thought.

We don’t know if Hermosa even HAD a cover.

Oh come now, Ceannic intelligence can’t be that stupid.

Ehh… Maybe I’m expressing the idea in my head poorly. Falsified documents were almost certainly in play, but why create a whole-cloth lie when you can just tweak. Hermosa Zikos covers as Hermosa [A last name other than Zikos]; Dexippus [Same Last Name] is his spouse. His sister-in-law is a Type-A who never settles on any one activity, trying to excel in everything(leaving out that she’s a Knight of The Chalice). Little details lifted from Hermosa’s real life to fill out the falsehoods.

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