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Through Lights and Shadows 21/39

Through Lights and Shadows 21/39 published on 16 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 21/39

Pas: Both of you are so prepared for this . . .

Dex: If this is your own free will, that doesn’t excuse him — it only condemns you!

Pas: Dexie — did you get into this work because of what happened to Hermosa, or — Were you already in it when that happened?

Dex: Kudzu doesn’t deserve to walk around free —

Pas: You were both in it, weren’t you?

Dex: He doesn’t deserve to live, not with the people he killed —

Pas: It wasn’t a coincidence, or an accident —

Dex: Not with how he tried to destroy my wonderful and gentle husband!

Kale: I tried to save your wonderful husband!

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Time for backstory (again)

Pas is getting a lot right, but I’m not sure what evidence she sees that Dex was especially prepared.

Dex is clearly highly emotionally invested. Pas has familial familiarity with Dex. That could be enough right there.

Depending on whether Pas leaked the party info to Dex or not, the fact that Dex knew about the party could be a factor, too.

I think the party was briefly accidently set to too wide of visibility, since that seems to be how Thorn’s sister’s in-laws found the house. So Dex may have happened to see it and recognized Kale in the not-hidden guest list. I would have expected them to plan a little further ahead with asking Pas to go as her guest though, so possibly the found out some other way and more at the last minute.

Probably just that they know Kale is Kudzu already! That, and the heart dagger. Dexie would’ve had to go through that training, figure out that Kudzu is both alive and somewhere in town, scour the Web to find him, make the connection between Kale and Kudzu that took us readers a few months at LEAST to figure out, and figure out when a good chance would be to go after him would be (or ANY chance, if there was no address on file!) Even then, I only made the connection because Kudzu was brought up in a present-tense scenario, when all previous information about him was indicative of him being strictly a ‘in the past’ kind of character- if the possibility of Kudzu being alive hadn’t been brought up at all, I likely would’ve held that assumption until the Kale reveal happened- Dexie only got the information of Kudzu being alive and out there in the world when escorting Glasier (Glazier?) to their trial.

Dexie would’ve also had to prepare for how to go after Kudzu- magic cuffs, if they thought Kudzu was free, but they’d in theory know if he was then they’d not be able to get close without help. That indicates knowledge of Kale’s current situation at the very least, that they felt they could go in guns blazing with nothing but a tiny knife, even if it is a heart knife.

I’d say that despite Dexie’s… less than stellar methodology here, there was a lot of preparation that went into this. If they messed up, they might not get another chance, after all!

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