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He looks so small and so young here. Just breaks my heart.

Like, I know he’s not actually that young (he’s like, around my age I think?) but he just LOOKS so… wide-eyed and hurt and hopeful.

You’ve raised my hopes then dashed them quite expertly, sir. Bravo!

Kale basically threw everything he knew away to save the last bright spot in his world… He went to prison and wanted to just lay there until he died because he knew he fucked up and accepted his punishment, because at least he succeeded… and Hermosa can’t even remember it.

When he hears what all happened to Hermosa, he is going to blow a gasket. Hopefully he has the presence of mind to not immediately blurt out “I can- You have to let me heal him. Please let me heal him.”

There’s multiple scenarios where Hermosa could remember, without Dex acknowledging it.

1. Dex feels it’s the result of Kudzu’s tampering, rather than an honest memory.
2. Dex may not be able to process anything Hermosa says about Kudzu, due to too many / too strong feels.
3. Hermosa might not be saying, due to concern for Dex’s feelings.
4. Other things happened after Kudzu/Kale was out of the picture that preclude the relating of that detail.

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