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Through Lights and Shadows 24/39

Through Lights and Shadows 24/39 published on 8 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 24/39

Dex: That’s — No. It can’t be. He would remember, he would’ve told me.

Pas: Well, quite evidently Hermosa wouldn’t have told me. But, Dex — You know, sometimes, he has —

Dex: That’s right! He does!

And you expect me to believe you wanted to help him? With how much you’ve made him suffer? His memory — coordination — he can’t see depth now, even with the spelltech prosthetics — you burned out his eyes!

Thorn: . . . Kale also burned out his own eyes. Did you catch that part? He did a lot of damage that he didn’t want to.

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Thorn, I applaud your commitment to peaceable solutions.

I feel like I should append a BUT statement to that. Nothing comes to mind.

Kale’s Handlers plz get here soon before Pas has to fight her sib and accrue more emotional damage.

But Dex is still confirmed hostile, so keep the heartsword ready.

Mostly I’m betting on a ‘Sleepytime everyone, and we’ll sort them out later’ approach from the Handlers when they arrive.

“Sleepytime” on three agents. If that would be so easy, their military is useless. Also, they have heartweapons drawn out, but they are arguing, not fighting.

I mean, Literal Sleep Spells are on the table, as far as I know, and two of the three Heartblade users were not expecting a weapons-out fight when they prepared for the evening.

Agreed. If it were a battlefield situation, they should have some kind of counter available. As it is, Thorn may be counting on no one having any countermeasures because of the situation to save him and K. I usually judge Ceannis pretty harshly on military matters, but they haven’t struck me as total incompetents yet.

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