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Through Lights and Shadows 28/39

Through Lights and Shadows 28/39 published on 19 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 28/39

Leif: Something happened around the corner, I didn’t see — Oh! Something’s happening in the sky now. I’m not sure if they see it.

Dex: Those don’t look like meddling relatives . . .

Thorn (thinking): Can’t leave Kale alone to chase them — But they’ll be magically tracked down soon enough.


Pas: Magical girls . . . ?

Thorn: When Kale’s bracelets were cut, it set off an emergency alert. These would be the first responders.

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Please don’t tell me Thorn is going to take the heat for this since Dex decided to peace out of there

If a body seen fleeing the scene doesn’t get chased down, I will eat a hat.

I also suspect that the bracelets have a black box function, but I am less sure of that, and therefore wager no hats on that.

Thorn’s got a cut on his cheek and Pascentia wouldn’t have done it- and I don’t think Kale COULD have done it (he doesn’t have a weapon), so there obviously had to be another party there.

Also Dex WAS Pascentia’s +1 to the party so there are multiple people who can confirm their presence, including Leif. And Dex left early and is now nowhere to be seen so that’s *pretty* suspicious.

At the same time, Thorn is still probably going to get in a little trouble for cutting the bracelets, but I’m not sure how.

I’m pretty sure the purple glow in panel 2 is the response team and while it obscures which specific magicals are showing up so Erin can have a dramatic splash Page Sunday reveal of whichever 4-6 Magicals have responded. If I’m right, they literally have eyes on Dex and they’re about to get hit with some form of actually-enforced ‘FREEZE!’, or someone is going to just step in front of them.

We don’t know how much the magical officials are able to see through their light show or via remote surveillance. Maybe they’ve already observed Dex fleeing, or at least that someone fled, so they will be the likely culprit.

Thorn didn’t cut the bracelets though, so why would he get in trouble? He didn’t even really tell Kale to cut them.

Well if we Sherlock it out;
1. Kale’s bracelets were cut
2. Bracelets can be cut by heartswords
3. Thorn is currently holding his heartsword

Pretty sure that’s all the evidence some people would care about (especially if they have something against Thorn)

That’s the wonderful thing: We already know that Kale’s Direct Handler can act as a lie detector to a governmentally acceptable extent! So long as Kale’s Direct Handler is trusted by the government, she can vouch for Thorn! The grudge would have to be above that… level…

That’s less comforting than I meant it to be.

He’s a protagonist, I’d be surprised is there wasn’t someone high up in the ranks with a bone to pick. Possibly someone related to a member of his team or someone else who died in the dragon incident who fells agrived that Thorn got all/the bulk of the publicity for killing the beast.

I don’t disagree with your premise, but most of that should be excused by virtue of severe burns to 85% of his body, and I can just see Thorn visiting Chestnut, Damask, Edith, Hestia, and Ramtil’s family and apologising that he didn’t raise objections to Cornouiller’s plan as soon as enough skin grew back that he could make the rounds.

I’d say Thorn’s risk of being in trouble here is directly in proportion to the author’s desire to turn the next 10-20 years of the series into a courtroom drama, and they don’t seem inclined to do that.

Sorry to break the fourth wall and all, but I’d say even if there’s some concern that Thorn or Pas might have cut Kale’s bracelet for insufficient reasons, it’s almost certainly going to be cleared up in under a week’s worth of strips. Probably one.

Just looking at things in story, I don’t feel like there’s a lot of reason to worry there either. Only one of the bracelets was cut, Kale didn’t move after the bracelet’s cut, and he has two heartsword knights making sure he doesn’t move.

Any intended malfeasance by Thorn would have featured a quick exit or both bracelets being cut, as the other authorities know that Thorn knows cutting the bracelets would summon the magicals. I believe but I can’t recall for certain that the authorities know that Kale knows this as well, which would probably mean anyone trying to assist Kale in breaking out of his parole early would know to cut both bracelets.

As far as I can tell, the mark on Thorn’s cheek isn’t a cut; it appeared right after Kale touched him there, so I’m guessing Kale wasn’t fully in control of the “fire” aspect of his powers and left a minor burn or similar.

Lot of good points in this conversation, but somehow nobody’s brought up the part where the authorities have canon mind-readers…

I think Khyrin pointed it out further up

“That’s the wonderful thing: We already know that Kale’s Direct Handler can act as a lie detector to a governmentally acceptable extent!”

That train of thought got dropped pretty quickly, though

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