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Through Lights and Shadows 29/39

Through Lights and Shadows 29/39 published on 17 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 29/39

Finding an exact reference for “group of people standing in a circle holding hands” was shockingly easier than expected.

Another thing faceblind people might have trouble with: this post about your live-action fancasting for Leif & Thorn. (If you’re having trouble remembering a name or finding a tag, there are profiles of everyone on Crystalpedia!)

Thorn sizes up the new arrivals:

Goldenrod ??? – Fire mage with psychic talents. Kale’s handler. Met me and vetted our friendship pre-party.

Laurel Cerise – Nature mage. Mother of a former teammate. Faceblind, so we’ll need to be re-introduced.

Magnolia Persil – Star mage. Minister of Prophecy for all Ceannis. Only seen her on the news.

Heath Cournouiller – Water mage. Ohhh, we’ve met. Couldn’t they have found anybody else?

Laurel sizes up the situation below her:

– Somebody
– Somebody else
– The target? (probably)

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Well, this is a perfect assortment of people to arrive. Laurel, who has already met both Thorn and Kale already, as well as Magnolia, the person who caused Thorn to be here and could accidentally reveal that Kale wasn’t wrong when he wondered if they’d been set up.

And the last person he wanted to see tonight: Heath Cornouiller. PTSD Dragon Flashbacks ahoy!

As for the new poll, just riffing on the ideas that popped into my head.

Sigrún Større as a magical girl from Sønheim Academy who has decided to take Leif under her literal wing after noticing “Stars, does that kid end up kidnapped a lot”.

Hyacinth Lavande as a time-traveling child from the future, Specifically one who was trying to shield two more junior Magical Girls(Iona and Ragnild) from the attack that threw all of three of them back in time. It’d be interesting to see how Hyacinth and Thorn interact when more similar in age.

So the ranks of the magic users, is it Initiate -> Mage -> Magus, or are there finer points?

There are more detailed ranks/positions, but “Magus” is a generic term for a magical girl with a certain level of power and status. (Has to be both — someone like Ivy, or for that matter Kudzu, would have enough power to qualify, but doesn’t have the position of authority.)

Does Laurel not recognize heartswords the same way she would recognize costumes?

She’s a mage and spends a lot more time around mages than heartsword wielders, so it makes sense to me that she’d memorize costumes and not heartswords. I also wouldn’t be surprised if she knows the heartswords of any wielders she does spend a lot of time around, it’s just that Thorn and Pascentia aren’t in that group.

I’d guess someone who didn’t spend a lot of time around heartswords would have a difficult time distinguishing between a heartsword and a replica. Sure, maybe some people could tell the difference between a good replica and a heartsword, but I’d guess most of those would just be able to tell the difference between a good Leachtric rose-petal sword and the real one.

And that’s just *some* people. It seemed like there were probably some shenanigans done with using the real rose-petal sword in some of the scenes because it was more convenient than finding the replica and nobody noticed.

If you can’t even tell the difference between a generic heartsword and a replica of it, why bother spending the time to learn all of the heartswords of people you don’t think you’re likely to meet again? Also, based on that final panel, it’s conceivable there might be some heartsword blindness going on, too.

I got the same idea but then realized that the heartswords would probably require to be CLOSER to tell them apart.

In addition to already mentioned “did she really seen Thorn and Pas with their blades drawn already?” …

Laurel can tell heartswords apart, in a way she can’t with faces, but she doesn’t memorize them the way she does magical-girl uniforms. And everyone else is guessing right that she’s never had a reason to pay special attention to Thorn’s or Pascentia’s.

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