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Through Lights and Shadows 3/39

Through Lights and Shadows 3/39 published on 13 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 3/39

Kale: Dex. Short for . . . Dexippus, I think.

Kale (thinking): The rest was obviously a cover story, so I hope they haven’t changed it —

Kale: They work at a museum. Met their husband on the job. Have a sister who’s a serious overachiever.

Thorn (thinking): Huh. I know part of that was right, and the rest sounds . . . plausible. Am I misreading this?

Thorn: Listen, I don’t want to interrupt, but can you do me a favor?

Could you and Dex step back from each other for a minute? Just to arm’s length.

Kale: That’s really not necessary . . .

Thorn: Humor me.

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Hmmm. This implies that he didn’t rip Hermosa’s mind open all the way. Which still means they used real names for a covert operation.

It’s my understanding that Kudzu met Hermosa on *his* job, and Hermosa didn’t realize the person he met was Kudzu right away. Or maybe he just didn’t realize who this Kudzu person was. When you have that sort of a situation, real names get disclosed before one realizes that it needs to be a covert operation.

Hermosa is not a covert operative, so would not normally be used for a covert operation. It was only because Hermosa was at the right time and place for the operation and had the right sort of in with the perp and no real operatives were or did that he was used.

So, yes, this was not performed to normal covert standards, but it couldn’t have possibly been.

We don’t know the details yet. My theory is Hermosa was inserted as a covert agent in Montmere in general and befriended Kudzu on the side because Kudzu was a mess who was doing his best, and Hermosa’s heart went out to him.

The flaw in the plan was Hermosa DIDN’T try to hobble Northwind’s operations when he had all his ducks in a row because he couldn’t bear to pull the rug out from under Kudzu so soon after Calyx died.

Hermosa: “Dex, sweetie… I have this, it’s okay. I’m just giving him some time to stabilize so we can be sure he’ll be a resource and won’t go-”

Hermosa:” I’ll call you back, dear.”

I do notice that while he knows Dex’s husband’s name, he’s not saying it. Presumably either because he isn’t sure it’s really the man’s name, or because he’s afraid Thorn will connect the dots.

And yea… on one hand I’m not surprised Kale is trying to cover for Dex, but it’s super sad that he seems to think ending up dead in a ditch is really his due. His therapist still has a lot of work to do. 🙁

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