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Through Lights and Shadows 30/39

Through Lights and Shadows 30/39 published on 30 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 30/39

Leif (thinking): Did she see me? Did she look mad? Am I not supposed to be up here?

Leif: Hey, Niamh, everything’s fine, and I think we’d better go back to the —

— ahhh!

Leif (thinking): Thorn! Help!


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Oh no, poor Leif, he was staying out of the way and everything!

Sorry Leif, looks like you won’t be able to go back to the party just yet. It seems like your’e shackled to this situation. They’re bound to make you serve as a witness. You won’t be able to resist, your hands are tied.

(sorry for the puns, hope the formatting works)

Well they won’t kill him, but they can’t just let him skate. They’re gonna do something to Leif. Any guesses?

I don’t think this will happen… probably… but Kale could undo the Sønheim brainwashing.

I mean, I doubt it’s a magical effect but instead decades of mundane indoctrination, and it’s a bit sketch to just rip all that out magically. (The pain chip is separate, Kale might also be able to deal with the pain chip. Probably shouldn’t though, Leif’d just get a new one *and* be under suspicion.)

Could? Almost certainly. Would? Almost certainly not.
1. Handler and 3 high-ranking mages right there.

2. Leif would have to consent, and he was only brainwashed in the same sense as Kale was; Every Authority Figure he had growing up agreed, therefore this must be the way of the world. (actually, that might be a point in favor of [trying to] gently removing the scales from Leif’s eyes.)

3. Compulsion Chip probably wouldn’t allow #2.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Leif ends up with MORE brainwashings instead of less. Because they can’t allow him to report this to Sønheim authorities. But it would be hard to do it in way they don’t notice …

At the moment there isn’t much for him to report.
“Somebody I don’t know abducted somebody I barely know from the party. Thorn intervened, and then law enforcement showed up.”

Unfortunately once they’ve ascertained that he’ll have new evidence that something secret happened.

Presumably the government will hold him as a material witness to the incident, make sure evil mage Kudzu hasn’t brainwashed him, and reimburse the Embassy at full value for his time–perhaps even the special services (witness to a potentially high-profile incident that you really don’t want to be come public) rate.

Or, wild hope against wild hope, pay his full cost because they want to remove nearly every avenue of that information getting back to Sønska ears before they have a release plan for Kale.

Yes. That would be WAY too easy, but I can hope, right? 😉

Hmmm… Well I guess the upside is that I don’t think Leif has heard enough to realize Kale = Kudzu, but it’s possible his superiors could still put two and two together. This is going to get awkward.

Leif has very little information. He doesn’t even really know that anything terribly unusual went on, just that there was some sort of crime.

Determining that that’s all he knows will tip him off that people are concerned about how much he knows, though.

I hope that if they shackled Leif they shackled Dex as well … or did he managed to get out of range so fast?

Even if Dex did escape, I doubt they will make it very far since their identity is known by all involved, including their own sister.

Even if Dex does evade notice, I don’t think they could get their gorgeous and thoughtful husband into hiding with all of the ongoing medical treatment he requires. I wonder how far the government would go in using that leverage to get Dex out of hiding.

Just realized that this incident is apparently why the fire spirits told Magnolia she’d have to work late tonight:

That page also kinda foreshadow’s Dex’s involvement, now that I think about it. And here I thought it was just a silly side page!

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