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Through Lights and Shadows 31/39

Through Lights and Shadows 31/39 published on 24 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 31/39

[g l e a m]

Leif: What . . . ?


Leif: Did I make it do that? I didn’t know it could do that. Thorn never said . . . Did he want to surprise me?


Friendly menu assistant: It looks like someone’s trying to restrain you! Would you like help?
– Call Thorn
– Call other assistance
– Make a protective shield
– Translate a message
– Heal an injury

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There’s no way Magus Percil isn’t going to try again, right?

I’m too busy wondering what kinda money Thorn spent on this thing it dispelled a magus-level spell.

Perhaps that spell was not invoked at magus-level power, as Magus Percil is currently focused on other matters and restraining a potential key witness was just an off-the-cuff (or possibly in-the-cuff in this case) reaction.

On the other hand, some spell resistance is to be expected, since anti-magic crystal tech seems to be very advanced and widely used. If she plans to restrain Leif I presume she’ll check up on him very shortly.

Thorn is currently wearing a necklace that makes him proof against (presumably Kudzu-level) mind control.

Problem mages are equipped with anti-magic cuffs.

The whole embassy grounds have wards that keep Ceannic magic out (though I don’t know if that is specifically crystal tech, it certainly messes up med-crystals).

Is it wards to keep Ceannic magic out? I know the embassy is a patch of northern-type magic in the middle of southern-type magic, and it’d make sense that these would react badly if randomly mixed just as southern magic doesn’t work right on the embassy grounds, but I’d describe any wards on the walls as “wards to separate the magic types”.

I wonder how exactly they MADE the embassy a patch of northern-type magic in the middle of southern-type magic … but yes, it’s likely some wards on the walls are involved on keeping them separate.

Also, yes, I don’t think Magus Percil would be casting every spell on her maximal ability. On the other hand, either anti-magic crystals are not so common on general or this was better than average, as she probably WOULD be casting stronger than common devices …

My bet’s on Magus Percil cast it at a level that would defeat almost all of the ‘resist’ gems available on the market… and Thorn splashed out on one that was as close to mil-spec(as in ‘built to defeat as powerful a spell as possible) as he could.

Really hope he takes the “call thorn” option, since he can probably explain to Thorn what happened and then Thorn can explain the situation to everyone else.

I’m hoping this is mainly an excuse to introduce this item and that Leif won’t actually be in trouble…

Nice to see Thorn planning ahead yet again. Hope breaking out of restraints doesn’t get Leif into trouble with the magical.

Thorn is right next to her. He can probably see what happened.

It was my impression that Leif was inside on the second floor, behind one of the round windows on Thorn, Dex, and Kale are out near the street, some number of paces away from the building.

If Persil is by the outside of the window, they’re not right by Thorn.

In any event, there’s a situation going on that they’re containing. They are probably not going to start talking until after they have Kale properly contained. Leif’s best hope right now is that Persil bound them and then re-focused on Kale, so is less aware that Leif’s bonds did not hold.

That said, I doubt Leif is in a lot of trouble right now, he’s just a bystander. But the translate a message option is probably a good one if he still has Persil’s attention.

Either way, we probably won’t see this facet of the situation advancing tomorrow, because there’s the rest of the situation which is also certainly in flux.

😂 please be more useful than clippy, please be more useful than clippy…

I vote for translate a message! Preferably something along the lines of “I am a Sonheim servant on rent to Thorn Estragon, I’ll wait here until given instructions.” I have no idea how Gemmy here would actually… Send that message… But hey, I don’t know how this tech works lol

Anyone who’s read the archive more recently than me wanna do me a solid and remind me what we already knew about that bit of jewellery Thorn gave Leif?

The Sunday page Ruby Bracelet is I think our primary source of information. It’s got a smartcrystal as the largest ruby, so basically a smartphone that does neat holograms, and the other smaller rubies do protection from an unspecified “range of things”.

Whether Corundy up there is a smartcrystal app, housed on one of the dedicated smaller rubies, or some sort of “both” is unclear, but I would find any of those explanations plausible.

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