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Through Lights and Shadows 32/39

Through Lights and Shadows 32/39 published on 13 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 32/39

Goldenrod: Here’s the severed bracelets — It’s only half of them.

Magus Persil: It’s a relief that your personal protective equipment is still intact, Sir Thorn.

Magus Cornouiller: Step aside now . . .

We will take it from here.

Thorn: You are not taking anything from me today, Heath Cornouiller!

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Theory: Magus Persil knew this PTSD episode would happen (because of prophecy) and purposely used the bonds on Leif so the bracelet will activate. Leif will call Thorn and snap him out of it. I’m not sure why it would have been necessary for Thorn to go through this in the first place since I’m pretty sure Cornouiller is the cause and not having him there would prevent this…

Also! I noticed that Persil specifically made it clear that Thorn wasn’t being mind controlled, which I also think implies she is aware this is going to happen.

I’m not 100% certain, but I’m pretty sure that Cornouiller is one of the strongest currently adult water mages (since his teenaged granddaughter Ivy is supposed to already be stronger than most adults, and is set to become even stronger still). And I recall Rowan at one point theorising that Kudzu started out as Fire before diversifying out, so they’d want the strongest water mage they could get to be on hand for this. So it’s possible they decided Thorn’s inevitable PTSD episode was the lesser thing in the balance of potentially needing to counteract a fully active Kudzu, since Goldenrod’s line makes it seem like they may have been expecting all four power blocking bracelets to be broken.

everentropy: Theory: Magus Persil did NOT knew this PTSD episode would happen. It was STILL part of prophecy. If Thorn wouldn’t be guarding the embassy, Leif wouldn’t be here and it would end worse – waaaait, if Leif wouldn’t be here Kale would already be dead considering it was Leif who alerted Thorn.

Poor choice of words dude

I disagree. Thorn is just reminding Cornouiller of the , for want of a better word, score.

If Goldenrod had asked Thorn nicely to step away, that would have been understandable.

if Heath Cornouiller had asked, one officer to another, that might have been fine.

But no. Magus Cornouiller decided that the best way to speak to a man who he told to walk down the Wyrm of Ruraidh’s throat was “Step aside… We’ll take it from here.”

Because that went SO well last time,right?

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