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Through Lights and Shadows 33/39

Through Lights and Shadows 33/39 published on 24 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 33/39

Kale: Thorn . . . ?

Thorn: Leave Kale alone!

You are not my commanding officer tonight — and you can’t possibly think I’d jump to follow your orders out of trust!

You don’t appreciate the danger he’s in. You haven’t even stopped to think about it.

Well, you’re not getting anyone killed here! Not on my watch. Not this time!

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Yuuup, PTSD trigger. Yikes.

Maybe. But… he’s also got relevant personal experience with the person who just told the people who actually know what’s going on to “step aside.” He said he’d handle it, while overtly rejecting a chance to understand what “it” is. That’s not great!

Unless they were going for “lock everything down hard first,” which would have been a defensible plan and tied in with shackling Leif. But they didn’t do that; if they can speak calmly and move carefully, they can ask what’s up.

Bets on who talks Thorn down: Leif, Kale, or an unexpected third option?

I’ll go with a page or two of flashback to the Wyrm, followed by Heath calming Thorn down with “y’know what? You’re right. I should have listened then, and I WILL listen now. What danger is he in? “

I don’t think Beardo’s gonna make any concessions to Thorn. Given the hints dropped so far, his plan was so woefully inadequate for dealing with the dragon it directly led to the deaths of Thorn’s team. Only Lielac is right, Thorn’s being hit with a flashback.

Thing is, it doesn’t matter WHO does the talking down, just that someone NEEDS to talk him down. Thing is, I’m not worried about Thorn hurting someone. I’m worried about someone hurting Thorn.

I’m not worried about Thorn hurting someone. I’m worried about someone hurting Thorn.

Oh yeah, same. He’s got a heartsword, and while we know Thorn’s previously had a terrible flashback and done no worse than scare some innocent bystanders, right now there’s a mage of dubious rehabilitated status with powerful mind-affecting abilities right over there, and some idiot might think Kale is or might be controlling Thorn into being about to stab someone.

I don’t think Thorn will stab anyone, he managed to talk himself down (mind, with the help of hearing Leif’s voice), and I’m pretty sure if Kale tries to do anything it’ll be a calming effect, but “knight with a magic sword in the middle of a PTSD flashback within stabbing range of the dipshit who got a lot of his team killed” is a situation that could tip over into bloodshed if nudged wrong, and a powerful and unethical mind-powers mage would be an excellent source of a wrong nudge.

Worst Kolpovision party ever, yeah? At least Leif’s over in the house with a view of the drama, and knows Heath is associated with bad memories for Thorn, and Leif has Thorn on bracelet speed dial.

I’m choosing to believe in the capability of people to learn from their mistakes today because I need some optimism. We don’t know if or how Cornouiller was affected by getting nearly an entire team killed.

Lielac: There’s already been bloodshed mind, it’s a question of how much more. Beardo is definitely the kind of guy who likes to think he’s the biggest man in the room, that’s gonna bite him in the ass here.

Khyrin: Oh I have the same belief, but from my experience it usually involves humbling/beating the shit out of someone to do it.

Erin likes to break all of our hearts but I don’t think she’s going to inflict any more horri–


Sorry to ever be the pessimist, but I think it’s more likely that Cornouiller’s train of thought is going to be something like “I don’t have time for this. I promised my granddaughter I’d watch Kolpovision with her tonight.” And then he’ll attack Thorn to try to speed things along.

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