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Through Lights and Shadows 34/39

Through Lights and Shadows 34/39 published on 18 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 34/39

That’s the strategy room last seen in No Moss…and a different angle on the post-dragon scene from The Burns and the Bees.

Laurel: Shall I hit him with a nice calming knockout spell?

Cornouiller: I . . .

Cornouiller (thinking): I haven’t seen him since . . .

Thorn (flashback): This plan won’t work. You don’t appreciate how dangerous it is!

Cornouiller (flashback): Your objection has been noted.

Mage: Magus! You’re not gonna believe — we’ve got a live one over here!

Cornouiller (present): I beg your pardon, Sir Thorn. Please brief us on the situation . . . We will take your recommendation on how to proceed.

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Meanwhile, off panel, Magus Goldenrod is mentally reviewing the team mission preparation checklist and trying to remember if Magus Cornouiller absolutely positively remembered to equip his mind-shielding necklace.

😂 I don’t think Kale would mind control anyone for Thorn’s sake when Thorn has made it clear that Mind Control Is Unethical, but also that’s a hilarious idea.

WOOOOOO learning from past mistakes!

Not so sure about that. This is actually too much and I take as sign that Cornouiller noticed the signs of possible PTSD and said it this way to maximize calming effect on Thorn while thinking something like “if that brute just told me what happened I’m sure the plan would be same”.

Like, generally, there isn’t that many options to choose now. Kale will definitely end up with the bracelets re-applied and I’m sure they would try to catch Dex the moment they find he tried to kill Kale. And, basically the only BAD decision they can do is to argue about who will be in command long enough for Dex to get away.

If they knew this was Thorn’s sister’s home, surely it would’ve been a good idea to leave him off? Or at least for Magnolia to dismiss him once she saw Thorn? (Presumably Goldenrod doesn’t know who he is, and Laurel may still not have recognized him.)

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