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Through Lights and Shadows 35/39

Through Lights and Shadows 35/39 published on 18 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 35/39

Some fast explanation later:

Maggie Persil: . . . and if he’s still injured, Laurel will take over the healing. Can you accept that?

Thorn: Y-yes. I trust her.

Laurel: Oh! You’re that Thorn!

Goldenrod: And I’ll check on you, if I may.

Thorn: I’m not hurt! Not even scratched!

Goldenrod: Has your parasympathetic nervous system figured that out yet?

Persil: I’ll handle the breach. [runes] Find Dexippus Zikos

Cornouiller: And I shall ask you to —

Pas: I shall watch Sir Thorn’s back.

Cornouiller: — to continue that, while I . . . address the damage to the landscaping.

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Wow, she can cast a “find Dex” spell? That’s darned useful. How difficult is that spell to become proficient at and what are its limitations?

Very decent of Cornouiller to step back and accept that it’s best for him not to be the one making decisions right now, uncomfortable as that must be for someone of high status and experience.

She could also be finding Lief instead, since she noticed him watching a couple of strips back and attempted to bind him…

Also, there’s no need to find Leif. She bound him and apparently has no reason to suspect that he might have a freedom of movement charm equipped, so obviously he is right where she left him.

So fun fact, it’s actually your sympathetic nervous system that controls fight or flight, and your parasympathetic nervous system that controls all your “rest and relax” functions….making the Andrew Jackson Jihad song absolutely hilarious to me ever since I started my health degree.

🎶”Your parasympathetic nervous system reacts, and you’re in….a pretty okay, normal, just chugging along calmlyyyy mode”🎶

So here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson, people love you more- oh, nevermind.

Also they actually changed their band name to simply AJJ, because they decided it was too disrespectful to use the word “jihad” and didn’t want their band associated with Andrew Jackson, whom they consider to be an “odious person”.

Why would Thorn need his back being watched when the threat has left the scene?

It could be *because* the threat has left the scene (which means that it’s out of eyesight, meaning it could be anywhere). It could also be because of his mental state at the moment; while there actually is no threat, he may not be fully aware of that, so having someone he knows and trusts at his back will be useful in calming his PTSD episode. 🙂

I’m curious how long it will take until Magus Goldenrod realizes that Niamh is missing and seeks him out. He’d be a real help in this situation.

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