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Through Lights and Shadows 38/39

Through Lights and Shadows 38/39 published on 16 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 38/39

Persil: Two of us should go with you. Cornouiller! I think you’d better be one of them.

I’m not terribly worried about the in-laws — we can handle them later —

— after you’ve taken the asset to a secure location. Keep him until we know this is contained.

Thorn: . . . Can’t he stay at the party? At least until the final scores come in.

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He’s not an asset, he’s a person >>

He is an asset, that’s how he has to be seen in his current situation.

Also, Thorn, shut up and color right now.

I imagine Thorn’s going to detail a plan to backdate A former co-worker’s mother(Laurel) and Kale’s plus-one Goldenrod as guests with a sprinkling of “And then you have a party full of people who can confirm that Kale Romarin was here all night.”

I hope not. Just once I’d like to see Ceannis actually use it’s authority instead of just playing this tap dance bullshit to shut up the grandparents.

you have more experience in these matters than me, and I agree that it’d be nice to see the grandparents get shaken up to a morally sound degree, but it makes some amount of sense to me to ‘secure’ Kale by keeping this off the books by not moving him and keeping three mages and five knights on hand.

Yes, the Lavande home isn’t a safe house.
Yes, it is SUPER petty for Thorn to be this concerned about Kale seeing the end of the show.

Well Tom Clancy had a good update to an old saying in his stuff: The ability to keep a secret is inversely proportional to the number of people keeping it. The number keeps growing, and the fact that the grandparents know is a massive breach. This is gonna spiral, and hard. Whatever Acai wants out of him, Ceannis has to start measuring it against the cost of keeping him under wraps.

As for the grandparents keeping their mouths shut, Ceannis can do any number of things. They can humiliate them into submission, which given how they treat their child and grandchildren won’t be hard. There’s the fact that this is a national security matter that can put them in prison/legal hell for what’s left of their miserable lives.

Goldenrod seems like a natural choice to remain with Kale, but Magus Persil has another reason to stay: she has to free the unfortunate witness that she restrained. It would be terribly inconsiderate (hopefully even illegal) to leave him tied up longer than absolutely necessary.

Leif’s bracelet already freed him from the magical restraints.

Yeah, bringing this guy in with his Very Tousled Hair definitely isnt going to help dissuage the Thorn Has Two Hands Rumors lmao

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