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Through Lights and Shadows 39/39

Through Lights and Shadows 39/39 published on 10 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 39/39

Thorn: Listen, Laurel can be a guest of mine who changed her RSVP at the last minute. And Goldenrod can be Kale’s plus-one. Anything goes bad, you whisk him away. And if nothing goes bad? We get a room full of witnesses who can say Kale was a delightful guest all night.

— if that’s okay with you, I mean.

Kale (thinking): They gave Thorn the shield gem . . . If he didn’t trust me, it would’ve blocked my psychic message. But he got it. He let me in.

Maggie Persil: Well . . . You’re his handler. Keep a close watch on his emotional state, and be ready to pull him at the first sign of instability.

Goldenrod: Can do, Minister.

Persil: Oh, and — deal with the mystery observer I left restrained at that window.

Thorn: The what?

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*Very confused face* Boss, that’s Persil’s hand right? I freely admit I’m not art capable, but that hand looks…

She’s been doing Elaborate Hand Gestures for a while now – it’s an aid to all the nonverbal spellcasting she’s throwing around.

Yeah, but it doesn’t look like an anatomically plausible hand.

I see what you mean about it looking implausible, but a minute’s experimentation shows me that I can get my hand to look like that when viewed from the right angle.

It seems to require an ability to separate the movement of one’s ring and pinky fingers that I do not have.

It’s more the space between the ring and middle finger that’s making it look weird, because of the angles and foreshortening on the bent fingers. But yeah Persil seems to have pretty flexible fingers, probably part of what you develop doing that kind of magic.

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