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Through Lights and Shadows 5/39

Through Lights and Shadows 5/39 published on 13 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 5/39

Dex: You don’t want to defend this man. You don’t know who he is. He’s —

Thorn: Save it.

I found out last month — and, listen, I get how you feel! Putting him in a restraining hold was my first reaction too. But I promise, it’s safe for him to be here. And we can work this out, once you let him go.

Dex: Oh, you are not in charge here, Sir Thorn . . . You don’t know who I am, either.

Thorn: Clearly! If I had, I wouldn’t have let you past the front door.

But between the black-ops tactics and the heart-dagger? I have a pretty good guess.

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Confirmation that it’s a heart-dagger! Which makes sense, I suppose, since Dexie wasn’t armed when they arrived.

Well it was either a heart dagger or a hammerspace dagger, so either way that’s very interesting. Props to everyone who figured that one out before I did. Oh boy. I really hope my boy doesn’t get lethally stabbed. (I will accept Dramatically Stabbed :3c )

I see your “Dramatically Stabbed” and raise you a “Injures self to create opening for Thorn.” with an optional Sliced Bangle to go with it.

Great, now Thorn has to play stabilizer for another one.

Kale was pretty emphatic that he’d be able to help at the operahouse if Thorn so much as cut off one bracelet. Magical Girls instinctively use healing abilities on themselves first (the example given is fetal distress, and I can’t find the page to reference), so ‘stabilize’ in this case may be as simple as playing “This is Why You Don’t Bring a Knife to a Sword Fight” with Dex while Kale desperately tries to remain conscious.

and then Thorn can berate Kale afterwards for doing something so reckless to drive home further for Kale that he still has friends and feed the Kale!Thorn UST.

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