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Through Lights and Shadows 6/39

Through Lights and Shadows 6/39 published on 10 Comments on Through Lights and Shadows 6/39

Leif (whispering): I don’t think that’s a kitchen knife. It’s too fancy. I think it’s a heart-knife. I heard those were a really rare type . . .

And they’re supposed to mean a person who can’t be trusted. Someone who keeps secrets . . . Loves underhanded tactics . . . Someone who’s subversive.


B-but I’m sure it’ll work out! Thorn can handle anything!

. . . wait, do you understand Sønska? Does that come with the soulbond?

Niamh (thinking): I’m still a dog! All I understand is Kale’s feelings and “sit “!

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So did Leif learn about the types of heartsword himself, or did Thorn teach him during one of their ‘dates’?

Just to cover all the possibilities, it may also have simply been part of a briefing once the Order of the Chalice stationed a unit in the Embassy, just scuttlebutt that Leif came across, or overheard while gardening near the gates.

I would expect that this sort of thing would have become common scuttlebutt around the embassy for a while after the Order of the Chalice was selected to guard the embassy, if they didn’t brief the servants on it.

I also seem to recall a discussion on heartsword types somewhere in the first half of the series, and while that could’ve been a special update just for us, it’s also possible it was a conversation in one of the gatehouses. Even if what I saw was a special update just for us, it still could’ve been a conversation in one of the gatehouses. I seem to recall there was an encounter with someone with an unusual heart weapon which could’ve sparked a few of those.

The briefing was likely after Thorn’s team was installed, going by Homecoming 9/24 Leif: “Where are your weapons?”

Thorn Explains: Heartswords being a cannon conversation sounds eminently plausible to me. (though technically it was kicked off by Juniper prompting Thorn, I’m sure a skilled wordsmith could bend that into the requisite shape. )

Agent D’s Heartaxe in Vampire Masquerade triggered a conversation in the comments, IIRC.

There might’ve been casual mentions in their conversation, but Leif definitely looked up the Full List Of Types on his own.

(And then describes their traits in a way that tells you as much about his own outlook as it does about the swords…)

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